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Readings 101 Videos

You’ve finally decided to take the leap and talk to a psychic (great!), but perhaps you’re still feeling a bit confused about online readings, whether or not they are safe, or how to choose the best Keen psychic to meet your needs. We’re here to put your mind at ease so that you can get the most out of your reading – every single time. Each of the advisors at Keen has a general psychic ability, but they also possess individual strengths, to include psychic medium readings, tarot, and spiritual readings. The best way to get started is by pinpointing what you want to get out of your session and then choosing a psychic who specializes in that particular area. To help you out, we’ve provided additional information about each category – clarity is just a click away!

Tips from Featured Psychics


Do’s & Don’ts of Psychic Readings [1:18]
A brief overview of what to do and not to do during a psychic reading.


What to Do After the Reading [3:17]

Getting a reading is an emotional experience. What do you do right after?


Best Reading on a Budget [3:43]

WaterQueene’s insights on how to phrase questions for a fast clear reading.


When to Ask Specific Questions [1:16]

And sometimes it just takes a bit of back and forth to ask the right question.


You Chose an Advisor. Now What? [1:44]

While love advisors possess many of the psychic powers as other advisors, they are more.


How to Find the Right Psychic [2:16]

Keen Community Manager, Nala, shows how to navigate Keen to find an advisor.


Different Types of Psychics [6:00]

Advisors have different gifts & abilities. Understand the difference before you start your reading.


What Can You Expect to Learn [2:17]

Comfort, confirmation, validation, and direction are some examples.


Common Misconceptions [02:17 mins]

What is “psychic shopping” and other readings misconception.


What is NOT a Psychic Reading [01:37]

Medical diagnosis or legal advice, as well as the ability to relinquish decision-making.


What is a Psychic Reading? [00:49]

Miss Josephine explains what psychics provide to their clients.


Psychics’ Approach to Readings [01:44]

Miss Josephine & WaterQueene share their approaches and passions for readings.

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