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Julie The Phoenix Rising
Julie The Phoenix Rising
Medium, Psychic, Empath and Tarot :)
Especially in these uncertain times, we need answers to our questions and a glimpse of our future. Call now and let my 30 years of Psychic, Clairvoyant, Intuitive, Empathic, Medium and coaching experience assist you.
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Deceased Loved Ones
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Spirit Guides
Skills & Methods
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I have been psychic all of my life. Even as a child I was given messages from my guides and visions of what would come. I embraced any pure avenue to connect with spirit and become more evolved and knowledgeable about our universe and it's gifts. I began my professional practice over 30 years ago. I continue to learn and grow every day so that I can pass that knowledge on to those who the universe sends to me. Like you, I have gone through many experiences in my life both negative and positive. I can connect with you to a deeper degree through those experiences because that is how compassion and empathy are born. My gifts are there for anyone who is open and willing to hear what the Universe has to relay. I am at your service. Ask and spirit will speak your answer through me. The only requirement for receiving a reading with me is an open mind and heart.
Areas of expertise include:
Clairvoyant predictions
Love and relationships
Career/job goals and issues
Life questions
Otherworldly information and education
Spiritual Guidance
Approach to Topics

IMPORTANT NOTE: As a sub-contractor I reserve the right to decide which clients I connect well with and which I do not. I can usually decide within 3 minutes if we will work well together. If I feel we are not connecting professionally, I will end the call and you are welcome to try another of our excellent advisers. Not all psychics will connect with all clients. That is simply a fact.
This is real life, not TV. I do not take your name and then tell you everything about your life. You will have to ask me what information you are looking for. I do not ask for background information. If you have no belief in this, no matter what I tell you, you will not believe anyway so let's not waste each others time. My connection with you begins when I hear your voice or see your first typed message. If your energy is not pure and open, your reading will not be accurate.

I am Blunt, direct and to the point. If you are not ready to hear reality, then please choose another psychic. This is primarily a listing for Medium Readings However, I am also an a gifted, experienced psychic, tarot reader and Life coach. I am an Empath capable of picking up on the feelings and desires of others. I am clairvoyant and can give you predictions on things that may come to pass. Your destiny is yours and yours alone. That is significant because your free will can change your outcome. Free will is a gift to be used wisely.
I cannot help you to choose your career or Destiny. Your own choices do that. I can help you with information ABOUT your chosen career or life path. But only YOU can choose it and it is part of the lessons we learn here in body.
Here are some points to consider before calling or chatting:
• For Medium Readings:
> You will need the name of your loved one and their relationship to you
>GENERAL READINGS take roughly and hour and cannot be rushed. Please be as SPECIFIC as you can and you will get a better result. (email me prior to your reading if you need further explanation.
• I do not offer General Readings in any form. You MUST be more specific than “tell me what is in my future” or “Tell me about my love life"
• I do not sugar coat or waste time. Be prepared for a reading that is very direct, truthful and sometimes blunt.
• Tarot is used upon request. My cards are always by my side.
• If you are confused about what to expect from a psychic reading, a few links are below:
> https://www.keen.com/articles/psychic/how-do-i-prepare-for-a-psychic-reading
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iDY_LyyS9o

Keens policy strictly prohibits me from answering any question where the answer requires a licensed professional such as a Doctor, Lawyer, or broker.


"I love Julie's clear, concise answers to my questions. Regular readings with Julie have not only helped me make better decisions in my life but it has also helped me to sharpen my own intuitive abilities. I feel more in control of my life. Julie is a kind, giving soul; truly a gem." Julia, CT

""Julie is amazingly insightful. Her readings are not only spot-on but she blends them with life coaching skills which bring it home for her clients. She is the best!!" Robyn, New York

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