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Jasmine Scott
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How do they feel...When will they call...Where are we headed ?All love questions, prosperity & career, past present future. Soulmates, Twins & Karmics. Indepth clear & detailed. 25 years reading, 17w Keen. Love Advocate r
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My specialty is working with couples looking for authentic connection with their partner. 25 yrs + exp. A reading will reveal if you are destined together or just doing soul-growth for a limited time. I will quickly tell you thoughts, feelings and most importantly (their true intentions for you) I will explain their purpose in your life, explain Karmics vs. Benefics. All readings are done in confidence and carried out with integrity.

Approach to Topics
I use an empathic approach during a reading, depending on the client and the issue involved, I customize the consult to the individuals needs. I am straight forward and provide clear answers. You will need your birthdate and your poi's birthdate and your clearly stated question. If you want to know how to meet the life-mate intended for you, you should be on your soul path, I will see your souls mission and path to take for your growth by looking at points in your chart. Your time is never wasted and you will be given the best option for your highest good going forward. My approach is direct, candid and authentic. Life is too short to repeat karmic cycles.. I believe in cause & effect and share with you the energies around you. As you put forth.. you shall recieve. I am compassionate in my delivery and believe being truthful can seem harsh, but necessary for your benefit.
The belief system I teach is Queen Consciousness, I understand the synastry between Male & Female energies and help lovers to balance this , develop healthy boundaries, and to honor who they are before entering into any "give and take" exchange. Self love is the foundation which produces meaningful and healthy viable connections.
During a reading I try and enlighten women & men on why they are being treated with disrespect and how to end this toxic cycle. You will recieve what you feel you deserve. I will help you get your self-worth, balance and the respect of those you are dealing with so you can have authentic connection with a partner.
People behave the way they do because of a lack of boundaries and self-love. Hurt people, hurt people.
We will work together on awareness and prevention of toxic, predatory people from gravitating toward you.
I discuss the balance of heart and mind to make wise choices for you future.

Any partner or potential partner that is mentally or physically abusive is a liability. Self-love is not about being in a toxic relationship for the sake of being in a relationship.. Your highest duty is to yourself, to honor your own Soul before you can be of benefit to anyone else.
I will give you some tips on discerning the types of idividuals you are dealing with and what their true intentions are with you.

*Keen promotional calls are to be used one time per customer*
Free minutes offered to select customers, please to not solicit promotions.

No medical, legal, lotto or investment questions addressed.
I will never discuss another reading you've had with any other advisor or be part of any "auditing process" that any caller performs.

Keep in mind~ At this time all of my readings are conducted over the phone, I do not offer email or chat readings. Once we have connected by phone the reading has begun, once the time runs out the reading is over.

Requests to "finish your reading" or "clairify your reading" via ping, email or chat is against Keen policy as Keen has no way of accounting or being compensated. Periodically my rate goes down to offer a wider range of people access to my services.
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