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Shamanic Visions by Sundance
Shamanic Visions by Sundance
"End of the Trail" Shamanic Spirit Guide
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When you're at the "End of the Trail" you need POWERFUL, ACCURATE INSIGHTS and DIRECTION designed to RESTORE your INNER-PEACE and HAPPINESS! CALL ME! 30+ yrs exp!
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Taŋyáŋ yahí! (Welcome!)

Wi Wachipi emáčiyapi! (My name is Sundance.)

Before I was called to serve as a guide for others, I had to go within and slay my own inner-demons! I also needed hands-on, real-world experience in order to understand, harness and master my gifts. It's one thing to have knowledge- anyone can sit in a cave and chant till their tongue falls out, attend a class, watch a video, read a book or buy a deck of tarot cards and regurgitate its contents. However, it's quite another to have personal, real-world experience and lifetimes of intense training, such as I have. Experience germinates a broader understanding and deeper appreciation of life; which, in turn, transmutes that knowledge into wisdom.

My work, teachings and services have been influenced by many internal and external factors. I adhere to NO tradition (which is just peer pressure from the dead, anyways), religion, ideology or doctrine, yet am deeply spiritual. This is a massive realm we live in. We create belief systems to compensate for our insecurities. The minute we believe one way or another is the minute we have not only closed ourselves off from possibilities and invited limitation into our lives but we have unintentionally combined confidence with stupidity. What we know is so minuscule that there is no way to act with confidence. A belief system cures this problem, but it does not cure our stupidity. It is wiser to become an observer, wait for inner-guidance, then take action; rather than assume we know everything there is to know, based solely on a belief system someone else conditioned us to buy into, all because it fueled our need to feel secure in an insecure world.

I favor the flavor of the Wild Wild West and, because my SPIRIT (NOT MY BODY!) has its origins in Native American culture and traditions, I naturally embrace and respect their ways, (for they once were mine!), but am NOT limited by or bound to them. I also embrace teachings from the Far East, mystics and masters from all walks of life, too; but am NOT limited by or bound to them, either; any more than I am bound to man-made laws, rules and limitations spawned by the minds of the insane. I AM bound to spiritual laws and I find that, as I evolve and keep an open mind, even these spiritual laws are meaningless, in the overall scheme of things. They're simply guidelines in which to help one navigate their way.

I have studied and trained with some of the greatest spiritual masters humanity has ever known; as well as the lessor known, but who were no less important, influential or effective. Some were gentle, compassionate, loving and patient. Others were downright cruel and brutal, when necessary. The stark contrast in the delivery of these teachings served to rip away my illusions and replaced them with profound insights, revealing universal secrets that are usually reserved only for the more enlightened souls.

Throughout the course of my life's work, I've had the privilege to oversee and witness thousands of amazing personal transformations as they unfolded! Many have shared that they felt more had been accomplished in just one session with me than they'd ever experienced in a year's worth of therapy or personal growth programs!

Seekers reach out to me for a variety of reasons, ranging from the mundane to the extraordinary. As an "Inner-dimensional Shamanic Spirit Guide", I'm trained to address ALL areas of a person's life and am able to safely guide others out of the wilderness and back on the trail that leads to their inner-peace and happiness!

*"Wankan Tanka Kici Un! A'ho! Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ!"

~ Wi Wachipi (Sundance)

*A Beautiful Lakota Blessing: "May Great Spirit bless you and your family! It is done! All my relations!"
Approach to Topics
My clients come to me for a variety of reasons, ranging from the mundane to the extraordinary. As a shamanic spirit guide, I'm trained to address ALL areas of a person's life! There's no problem too big that cannot be overcome! NO question that does not have an answer! (Remember, sometimes that answer is "NO"!) If you're at the "End of the Trail" (or rope, as the case may be), lost your way, are confused, hurting or just frustrated with your life right now, I can quickly and accurately guide you back on the path that leads to your inner peace and happiness! Once I make a connection, many questions that are weighing heavily on your heart will be answered even before you ask! I look forward to serving as your personal shamanic spirit guide!

"Wankan Tanka Kici Un! A'ho! Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ!"
Wi Wachipi ~ Sundance
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