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Empowering guidance towards creating the best version of yourself. I am a psychic, lightworker, and fifth dimensioner acting as a spirit guide for the empowered minds. Learn to thrive in self-awareness and confidence! :)
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I have had my psychic gifts since I was born, but started tuning in and researching tarot and astrology when I was just becoming a teenager. I was giving spirit animal readings and knew all of the zodiac signs at the ripe age of 11. The messages and attraction were always clear and strong. I also grew up around it because my mom and sister are psychic as well. It runs in the family you could say, but I’ve always been drawn to the sun, moon, elements, crystals, animals, and nature. It was natural and just felt so right. You would always find me outside, playing with crystals or looking up at the moon. I trust in spirit’s messages to help guide me through spiritual journeys. “Spirit” is the term I use for whoever’s message I am receiving. The messages come in the forms of spirit animals and other soul signals. I let them guide me towards the right answers. I’ve studied astrology and tarot to help give me a visual of life’s journey. These also help me better understand the messages spirit sends me. I have had my dark night of the soul early on in life and found my way towards the light. I have chosen to help make the lives of others better using my gifts. I am a true lightworker, a fifth dimensioner guiding young souls towards the light. I know how it feels to hate yourself and wants to give up, but I also know how to pick yourself back up and create the best version of yourself. There's so much in my life that I have experienced to use a resource in guiding others. I have listened to many people's stories of their dark nights of the souls and how each one of them overcame the darkness in their life. These experiences are what I learn from and also use to guide others. I recall the past to look towards a brighter future. I have chosen to dedicate my life order to help those who choose to find the light as well. I have always been a guide to others trying to find the best path for them and I hope I can help you as well if you want!
Approach to Topics
Not your typical readings, I have a unique approach with my guidance. Using tarot cards, astrology, chakra cleansing, spirit’s messages, and past experience I guide you towards understanding the best version of yourself and the step to get there. Please come ready with your birthday and where you are at currently in your life. Just a short statement on how satisfied you are with your life and it's direction currently. These help me work with spirit to guide you towards the right path for you. Each person is unique and at different point in their life so it's unlikely two will have the same experience. You must be willing to work with me and spirit on truly understanding yourself and where you want to be in this life. I look at all of the aspects in your life with career, family, relationships, social, environment, and mentally. Then I use my gifts and abilities to pinpoint the issues arising and create awareness.With using tarot cards and astrology to gauge personality, habits, and aspirations I can direct you towards ways of healing. The approaches I use for healing come in the form of empathy, chakra cleansing, and direct messages from spirit. I am just the messenger for spirit and can only guide you towards the right path. You must take the necessary actions to get to your destination. These approaches are custom to you and what I feel drawn to tell you from spirit. I am a spirit guide for the empowered minds and lightworkers out there so you must be willing to take the action!
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