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Goddess Dawn Sandum

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1,064 readings since 2001
5 minutes for $1
Let me ask the Cards, For you, REAL Answers
Many years of doing number charts~LOVE CASTINGS~I will flip my cards and blow you away with my informative futuristic Readings, some say DAWN OF THE DEAD !
About Me
About Me
born into a family that was of Cherokee decent, Saw my cousin and Grandma speak to the dead, grew up having it. I feel everyone has it. the ability to make good choices based on your goals. A sister, a fortune teller, a white witch I been called
My Approach To Topics
My Approach To Topics
I listen to spirIT to get the answers and the direction of your winds. I am a Shaman , a Life Coach, A healer, A gypsy . I am going to love you no matter what.I wont judge you, Let your awakening begin with a call to me , I might use cards or a