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I am an empathic , clairaudient, tarot maven. I give d*mn good readings and I enjoy every minute of them, but MY READING STYLE IS NOT FOR EVERYONE.
Infidelity LGBTQ Issues Love/Relationships Breakups/Divorce Family/Friends
Skills & Methods
Tarot Empath Dream Exploration Clairaudient Clairsentient
I am VERY much a PEOPLE READER. My gifts extend well beyond romance (bosses, coworkers, family, friends, and enemies are all people, too). I tune into the energies while my cards tune into the thoughts and motivations, and my guides interject useful information throughout the entire process. I can help you find out where ANYONE is coming from, what they want, why the hell they did/said that one thing --what they're most likely to do next. If your people are wonky or your relationships are rocky we will also be able to figure out a game plan (or two) to attempt to improve or reset things. If there's conflict, we can help you make it the constructive kind. If this person's got you so mad you don't even know what you're mad about any more, we can help sort that out too.

A good reading can remove impossible weight from the shoulders of a person in crisis. But you can't "pop a reading" as if it's an anti-anxiety med. I am offering insight, perspective, and (guides willing) tools to help you gain and maintain control of your situation. I don't mind talking you down out of the Anxiety Tree, but if I have to keep talking you out of that tree then the messages I'm delivering are -not- getting through to you. The point is to help you STAY grounded. I will not entertain addictive behavior on my line.
Approach to Topics
I am terrible at performing parlour tricks. I can't pull names or numbers or underwear colors out of the aether and I don't know what anyone's thinking right now.

I would prefer to work straight to the POINT of your reading rather than blowing through three minutes trying to guess whether the fella you're asking about is your your partner or your child (or kinda both, lol). There's no point trying to be all mysterious about it, b/c I won't waste energy/cards/time guessing basic contextual information; I'll straight-up ask.

Timing is a byproduct of the reading not the point of it. I can not perform time-frames on command. I DO NOT OFFER "timing readings." If you ONLY want to know WHEN: I can not help you.

I AM 100% ----UN-GIFTED---- at READING THINGS LIKE : financial details, rental disputes, job offers, graduate programs, mortgages, court proceedings, etc. All that stuff is dependent on processes and regulations that I have too little frame of reference to interpret with reliable accuracy.
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