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Let me help you discover your greatest talents and hidden abilities for a more fulfilling and focused life. The more Specific your Question the sooner and more precise the Answer.
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Being born a psychic child, was quite a gift and I was graciously supported by my mother who also had these gifts. I started learning Astrology and Tarot in 1978 in Hawaii through a very gifted psychic Astrologer, and continue to learn as I professionally expand. If you are interested in an Astrological reading, please HAVE BIRTH TIME- or, I can't do Astrology for you, but can do a Tarot, Astrological Spread. Please Don't Use Chat for Astrology.. takes too much time to move back and forth between my Astro program and Chat window... AND TYPE....so not "time friendly" to you. I moved back to the Mainland in 1994, and began working in Sedona, AZ at the Center for the New Age in 1999. I have also worked professionally at the Reno Psychic Institute and Reno Magic, in Nevada. I have a wide private client base, and continue to love working with many of my regular and new clients on Keen over the last 16 years.
Approach to Topics
I am a good balance between being compassionate and direct in the Topic of Relationships.... but do your best to not allow yourself to be Stuck IN the question of WHY he/she doesn't love you anymore... Fact is they may very well Still Love you, but just be bored in the daily routine. The "more productive and helpful" questions that can help you are more like... "What are things that can be done that will bring the Beauty, Compassion and Spice back... or Not- in my relationship"? "Is there any chance things between us can heal or change for our relationship to work out?" These type questions can bring Insight, and help you to see a path to Transformation in the areas that need it,... or to accept the fact that the relationship and "journey" the two of you have taken has come to an Impasse. Otherwise it can bring up some deep emotional Pain for you and your partner and it is NOT my intention stir that up for you. I won't sugar-coat anything, but I won't disregard your feelings either if we can respect one another in these hard conditions about the possibility of real unrequited Love that you may be going through in the moment.

Please read my feedback on the Tarot listing... most of it is very good for all types of questions, not just relationships that will give you insight as to how I approach different topics.

If you are calling for my Astrological Skills (40+ years) I will need your correct BIRTH TIME, along with birth date and place of birth for accuracy. This gives me a clear picture of what you were born to experience and DO, as well as where you are now on that path in all Categories'. I love my work and will give you the Best of my skills as a Psychic Reader and Astrologer. "General Questions" like What is my Future.. are not going to give you quick answer to your question and will waste money for you. Better to ask "what is my future with So and So..... or. What is my future in terms of Success in my business over the next 2 years. The more Specific your question, the more Specific I can quickly give you a direct answer... so, I need Specific Question to be of Good and Fastest Service to you. I look very much forward to meeting you and bringing to you my Best.
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