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Happy New Year! Want to know what they really think? Get help navigating these turbulent times toward the best outcomes and your best life. Tarot Grandmaster - 35 years experience - READ MY "APPROACH TO TOPICS" SECTION FIRST!
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Skills & Methods
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My earliest conscious memories are of interacting with energies few others could sense. I received my first Tarot deck when I was 9 years old and I was hooked from the start. I have approached the subject from academic and esoteric perspectives with decades of intensive study. My sense of discipline comes from a lifetime of Martial Arts training starting at 4 years old. This also translated into an interest in meditative practices and various forms of energy work.
Aside from Tarot I have several certifications including, Reiki Master/Teacher, Numerology, Palmistry, and Master Life Coach to name a few.

At first I worked through word of mouth. I started doing public readings for tourists in San Diego in 1992 and this eventually turned into working through "book shops" (double meaning) where I built my own client base. From there I did events such as fairs, wedding and bridal showers and more. I did do readings online in the late 90's to early 2000’s (even here) but scaled it back after a personal situation took priority. Then an injury caused a 2 year break. Until recently I have kept my client base small and select. I am now opening myself back up to the public.
Approach to Topics
My approach is no-nonsense and to the point but not without compassion. For those seeking grief related readings, I am a widower. I have stood in the shadow of grief many times over (keep in mind I am not a medium and do not channel the deceased for you). I have an intimate understanding of various aspects of pain.
I believe that "Advisors" need a good balance of life experience to go along with their skills. I have not lived my life completely behind a desk by any means

My approach to the Tarot is intuitive and I like to mix it up with different Oracles and methodologies. At times I also mix in Numerology and pendulum depending on the situation.

NOTE: I do not use tarot spreads (position specific) and I haven't in well over 20 years. No, I will not pull a Celtic Cross for you. Those are all fine for learning/training, but not for professional use.

NOTE: Tarot card meanings are determined by a number of factors well beyond what the booklet or an internet search will tell you.

NOTE: Two psychics/advisors/tarotists can interpret a reading differently and both be correct because they are attuned and relate to different energies in a different way from different perspectives. Looking for multiple readings on the same subject only leads to confusion. I have seen many people over the years keep asking from the same reading from different people until they hear what they want to hear (sometimes multiple times).

NOTE: If you are looking for someone to tell you want you want to hear, you came to the wrong advisor. That is not what I do.

I do not use any kind of canned material or prewritten or scripted readings. All of my work is done on the spot. When you come to me for a Tarot reading, you are getting an authentic Tarot Reading.

My answers are unambiguous. I answer all legitimate questions. Sometimes that answer is not going to be what you want to hear and you have to be prepared for that. Sometimes the answer is that there is no answer at this moment in time, be prepared to deal with that. Sometimes the answer is that I am simply not picking up on that specific energy so do not know and I will state that (I know... revolutionary huh?). Not everything is set in stone, in fact most things aren't and are heavily dependent on our choices. With other questions we are tracking patterns. I will tell you what I see earnestly and honestly. If you want me to lie to you and sugarcoat everything, or want a specific answer and will accept no other... ask for that up front and save us both the trouble.

WHAT I DO NOT DO: (Just to be clear)
1. I am not a medium or channeler and do not directly contact the deceased.
2. I do not specialize in or do timing. I can give my best estimate in 3 month (90 day) blocks.
3. NO Medical - Legal - Financial/investment advice - Lottery - Pregnancy or related or anything against the site TOS.
4. Give cold readings, or use any kind of script.
5. Bash other advisors (I do not know any of the others on this platform)
6. I do not do "General" readings. Ask a question.
7. I do not read on anything child related.
8. I do NOT use any of the spreads listed in whatever book you read.
Endorsed Strengths
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  • Helpful · 10
  • Honest · 10
  • Kind · 9
  • Detailed · 8
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