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Turquoise Moon
Turquoise Moon
Channeling Your Soul's Wisdom
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My core gift is to help you pick yourself up off the floor, create positive mindset shifts, manage your energy, love yourself more, and set the goals and bright future vision to create and live your best life!
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Who is turquoise moon?

Hi! I’m Julie, also known as Turquoise Moon. I am an eclectic old soul who's here to serve as a channel for Spirit, particularly the Spirit Animals. My mission is to help other Lightworkers access the wisdom of their own soul, breakthrough barriers on their path and create their best life. I combine my love of astrology and the Tarot, along with my natural gift as a psychic medium, and my deep passion for psychology, mindset mastery and all things new age spiritual to create unique tools and experiences for transformation.

“Turquoise Moon” is the name I was given by my spirit guides to symbolize the two parts of me that I feel most deeply connected to at the soul level. I was told that “Turquoise” represents the Native American Medicine Woman that I know I have served many lifetimes as. My passion is delivering the symbolism and guidance of the animals through storytelling the messages they show me psychically. “Moon” represents the eclectic, solitary Witch side of me who’s in love with astrology, particularly the Moon, intention setting, Law of Attraction, magick and manifestation, the Tarot and other mystical divination tools. I love living by the natural cycles of the Universe, particularly the Moon.

Why did I become a psychic?
I didn’t choose to become a psychic, it chose me. After a lifelong connection to the Spirit Animals and a wild twisty path of my psychic gifts naturally unfolding, I finally came to the realization that I’m meant to serve Spirit by delivering messages of inspiration, hope, insight and spiritual breakthroughs.

What do I mean by Channel for the Spirit Animals?
The Spirit Animals are my main source of psychic connection. From Bear, Hawk, Owl, Hummingbird, Tiger, Squirrel, Octopus, Skunk, Whale, Butterfly, Elephant, Buffalo, Wolf, Raven, Coyote, Turtle, Eagle, Frog, Lion, Horse. All of them. The Animals chose me to be one of their channels for inspiration and healing through the power of symbolism and storytelling their empowering fables.

Ever since I was a little kid growing up on a farm, the Animals have been drawn to me. As a kid, I raised chickens, lambs, steers, rabbits, cats and dogs. I was also regularly around horses, pigs and goats that my friends raised. Between real live animals, and the Spirit Animals that come to me in psychic visions and meditation, they’ve done some pretty crazy stuff over the years that make for funny stories.

Education & Experience:
25+ years entrepreneurial experience running small businesses
Bachelor of Science Degree in Business
Certified Life Coach - Quantum Success Coaching Academy
Certified NLP Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
Certified EFT Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique)
Certified Hypnotist
Reiki Master

Other Self Study Spiritual Education over the years: Mindset Mastery, Tarot & Oracle, Astrology, Moon Cycles, Law of Attraction, Soul Growth, Chakra Healing, Crystal Healing, Psychic Development, Akashic Records and Numerology.

My absolute favorite kind of people to work with are what I call “Lightworkers”. Lightworkers are old souls on a spiritual journey to make the world a better place by spreading love and light. Often Lightworkers are running their own spiritual businesses which allows them to do their important work in the world.

Because of my extensive small business background and deep love of all things spiritual, I prefer to work with other Lightworkers who are creating their own small spiritual businesses such as readers, psychics, coaches, authors, product makers, etc… Small business marketing questions welcome, that’s my wheelhouse!
Approach to Topics
What can I expect?

With Turquoise Moon, you can expect a very friendly, relaxed and unique style of psychic reading. My style is sort of like a traditional psychic reading mixed with a life coaching session. It is most helpful if you come to the call knowing specifically what you want to work on with Spirit today, If you need help brainstorming or working through whatever is coming up for you right now, that’s ok, that’s one of the main ways I can help you gain clarity to move forward. So while having a clear intention is helpful, it is not necessary.

Owl, my guide for doing my psychic work, gave me an ABC approach to follow. Through our conversation, I’d like to find out where you are (point A) and where you want to go (point B) and then I tune in to receive C - the channeled information for you that Spirit wants to deliver today. Together we’ll converse our way through the messages Spirit has for you today. I may use Tarot or oracle cards for symbolism and messages, or talk about the current astrological transits that may be affecting you. I treat each psychic reading session as unique as you are. So depending on what’s going on in your current world, we may also work with your chakras, lightbody, do some mindset shifting work, brainstorm solutions to what you’re creating next, or whatever it is that you need most right now. Self love, happy and positive mindset work, confidence, bright future vision planning, goal setting, life balance are all topics I love to work with you on.My goal is to always leave you feeling happier and more empowered by our phone call.

“Energetically Soothing” is a way people have described working with me. I have a natural gift for being able to meet you wherever you are, and help lead you where you want to go. Whatever challenges you’re facing, no worries and no judgement, I’m here to help. And I’m not afraid to meet you where you are, beautiful lightworker, it’s ok if it’s not where you want to be yet. I’m a well rounded person with a lot of experience and perspective to draw from, so people often say that makes me very easy to talk to. I’m a country girl at heart, but I love talking with an array of Lightworkers walking all different paths here on Momma Earth.

Is Julie the right reader for me?

Follow your intuition. Spirit knows which reader is waiting to deliver the messages you need to hear most right now. Listen for which one your soul says is right.

PSA: Twin Flames is not my thing. Please do not call if what you’re looking for is love advice, or if you’re trying to influence anyone to do anything, or if the intention is not rooted in love and serves the greater good of all involved. There are plenty of good psychics who specialize in love and twin flame readings, but that’s not the kind of work that I do for Spirit.

How often is Julie available for phone readings?

If that resonates with you, I’d love to help. Call me and let’s connect to the divine wisdom of your soul.

Love & Light
Turquoise Moon
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