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Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Virgo July Horoscope


Mercury, your ruling planet, goes direct in your Career Sector on the 1st. Take this opportunity to go on job interviews or apply for a promotion.

The Details

Mercury, your ruling planet, turns direct in your Career Sector on the 1st. This would be a great time to go on job interviews, apply for a promotion or ask for a raise. Alternately, you could make a very successful public presentation on this pivotal day. The Full Moon on the 12th marks an exciting turning point in a romantic relationship. News of an engagement or pregnancy could soon be released. On the same day, your ruling planet, Mercury moves into your Social Sector, paving the way for some enjoyable parties.

On the 15th, luxurious Venus makes a trine to ambitious Mars. This would be a great time to land a raise, promotion or both. Expansive Jupiter moves into your Privacy Sector on the 16th, allowing more time for solitary pleasures like reading, and communing with nature. Mercury's trine to idealistic Neptune makes the 18th perfect for a romantic interlude. Plan a blissful getaway for you and your partner or a gathering with a group of close friends.

Your ruling planet, Mercury will oppose mighty Pluto on the 21st, possibly causing a disruptive fight among friends. You might not appreciate having friends comment on your personal life. Draw a stricter boundary. On the 24th, Mercury forms a harsh angle to impulsive Uranus, but a supportive one to disciplined Saturn. Resist the urge to gossip at the office. The New Moon on the 26th favors a solitary retreat. Mercury moves into your Privacy Sector on the 31st, further deepening your desire for peace and quiet.