Are Leos Faithful Sexual Partners?

Iconography of two couples, where the man in one is a Leo and is in love with the other woman

Leo is perhaps the most dynamic astrological sign in the zodiac. Leo the lion is ruled by the Sun, and as the earth revolves around the Sun, Leo expects his world to revolve around him. He needs to always be the center of attention, the center of his micro-galaxy. Leo men and women are strong, passionate, bold, and powerful. They live for pleasure and beauty in any form, and they spend vast amounts of time, energy, and resources in search of their idea of perfection, especially in a mate.

If you’ve found a charming Leo in your quest for finding love, you’re in for quite an adventure. The lion is lusty, and most Leos have a strong sex drive. A fire sign, Leos will make the sparks fly in the bedroom. They’re very creative and open minded, always willing to try new things, including some between the sheets. They’re natural leaders, and if you’re a willing follower, a Leo can take you to giddy heights you’ve never experienced before. Life is never dull with this zodiac sign, and in fact, it might be too exciting for some.

Leo is also generous to a fault. If your Leo is romantically interested in you, you’ll be showered with affection and gifts, and you’ll be more than expected to reciprocate and even exceed this lavishness. The lion can make you feel truly special when you become the focus of all that heat and dazzling light, and he expects you to do the same for him.

Are Leos faithful in relationships? That depends. They’re very idealistic, always looking for the perfect partner. They seek beauty and comfort and have lofty ideas about what a relationship should be. Their egos must be constantly stroked, and the lion will expect you to keep up with him sexually. Lions are naturally dominant and always see themselves as “number one.” They don’t want to compete for their space in the limelight, even with a lover. Leos are very intelligent, too, and they will expect their partners to stimulate them mentally and be able to match them in the wit department. Once a Leo finds all these qualities in a relationship, he or she will fall deeply in love, and as long as your lion is in love, the beast will become a purring kitty cat and be fiercely loyal and devoted.

The problem, however, is that many of the lions’ partners have trouble keeping up with Leo. They may tire of the constant attention a Leo demands. The boldness and impetuosity of the Leo can be intimidating to those less stalwart than the king of beasts, and the lion’s voracious sexual appetite can be difficult for anyone to satisfy. If you can’t be a worshipping subject who fulfills all Leo’s mental and physical desires, your lion is likely to go on the prowl in search of more lively prey. Unless their needs are met, lions can be fickle, prancing from one attractive partner to the next, always seeking the perfect partner.

Leos are also jealous – not only of a lover’s romantic interests, but also of her time and attention. If you ever give your Leo a reason to truly doubt your sincerity, he’ll be gone, probably forever. Leos are not good judges of character, and they put complete faith in those they love. And once that trust is broken, it might be impossible to regain.

If you think you’re finding love in a Leo, consulting a psychic will be the best way to hold on to your cat. A psychic will be knowledgeable in the zodiac, and by giving her detailed information about yourself and about your potential love match, she can help you tame the wild beast in your lion. She can do a complete astrological reading for the specific dates and times you and your Leo were born. This is unique, individualized information that you can never get by just reading general information about signs of the zodiac.

A gifted psychic can reveal much about your own characteristics and traits, some you might not even be aware of. This information and insight are invaluable for not only finding love, but also for maintaining love – the key to keeping a Leo lover. She can tell you whether or not your lion will make a good match for you, saving you valuable time and avoiding a possible heartache.

If, after reading the charts for you and your Leo lover, she decides the lion is a keeper and is compatible with you, she can help guide you through the sometimes confusing mists surrounding the king of the jungle. She can tell you what will appeal to your partner and offer advice about what not to do. A psychic can make sure you’re always one step ahead of the crafty lion by revealing his inner being. She’ll make sure you understand your Leo from the inside out, on the deepest levels.

Life is short and filled with twists and turns. If you’re sincerely interested in finding love, consulting a psychic can be the best thing you ever do. A professional psychic wants to share her talent and use it for good. She has a vested interest in her clients and genuinely wants to help them. Your call will be strictly confidential, and you’ll discover that your psychic is amazingly easy to talk to. In fact, she’ll probably become one of your staunchest allies in the game of love, a trusted friend with whom you can confide. Best of all, she’ll be objective and honest. She won’t just tell you what you want to hear; instead, she’ll tell you what you need to hear.

Finding love in today’s world can be a real jungle, and if your attentions are drawn to its king, invest a little time and money into seeking professional help from a psychic. It might just be the most important call you ever make.

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