Cancer Woman Leo Man Compatibility


She’s ruled by the Moon, and her moods change like the tides. She’s pleasant and cheerful most of the time, but if you cross her, she can immediately become furious and volatile. However, even the most temperamental Cancer prefers peace.

Like a crab, a Cancer woman can choose to hide beneath her shell when faced with conflict. Or, she can come at you with her painful pincers. You just never know with Cancer, and she’ll need a mate who can understand her highs and lows. Cancer also likes to assess every situation before jumping in, as this helps keep her out of trouble.

Like the king of the jungle, a Leo man definitely likes to make a grand entrance. It wouldn’t be cliché to say he has animal magnetism, as his positive energy, natural charm, and endless enthusiasm never fail to make him the center of attention.

He can be viewed as arrogant by others, but this usually changes once you get to know him. His temper also can flare, like Cancer, but deep inside he’s a tenderhearted kitten who just needs a gentle touch. Leo also pounces at every opportunity, and he’ll usually go with impulse before thinking things through.

The Beauty of their Shared Values

Although Cancer women and Leo men seem to have opposite personalities, they actually have much more in common, making them quite compatible. They both value friends and family, they are both extremely loyal, and they help bring out the best in each other.

One of the best things about Cancer is her ability to care for her loved ones. She’s always careful to consider the feelings and needs of those around her. As a friend, partner or mother, she is one of the most nurturing signs of the zodiac. In any relationship dynamic, she is definitely the caregiver.

Like Cancer, Leo places a high priority in taking care of his loved ones. He’s the provider and the protector. If a relationship leads to marriage and children, he will go out of his way to protect his pride, and his sense of duty knows no bounds.

It’s not rare to find domestic bliss when Cancer and Leo get together. She’ll keep the home and care for the family, he’ll do his best to make sure they will never have to do without. He’s also the type to bring home gifts and surprises, and it’s rare for him to forget birthdays or anniversaries.

Cancer is also very intuitive and can usually read verbal and non-verbal cues. When she says something is off about a particular person or situation, it’s best to take heed, because she’s usually right. When paired with Leo, she’s often the responsible one when it comes to finances, and she’ll make him stop for a moment before making an important decision.

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Cancer and Leo in Love

If Leo really wants to woo Cancer, it’s best to take things slowly, as this is what she prefers. Romance and chivalry is key. She’s not overly materialistic, and it’s the thought and meaning behind your actions and gifts that will win her heart. Courtship is definitely not dead with most Cancer women. This type of conquest works perfectly for Leo, especially since he’s all about winning. The Leo suitor has more than enough charm and confidence to win his lady love.

In the bedroom, it’s also all about slow and sensual with Cancer. When she’s connected on an emotional level with her partner, lovemaking is even more intense. She can expect no less with Leo, especially when deep emotional ties are involved. His self-confidence is sexy, and as a fire sign, he will definitely bring heat between the sheets. The Leo man also likes to play, and he loves being teased. This can be mind-blowing for the Cancer woman who enjoys foreplay and building up to their ultimate desires.  

Despite their passionate unions, there are surely times when Cancer and Leo have to overcome conflict. A danger in Cancer’s personality lies in her ambiguity. It’s frustrating when she’s hard to read, especially for the easygoing Leo. Cancer also cares for others so much that she often forgets to express her need for extra love. Sometimes, she resorts to passive-aggressive ways to get it. Leo must take note that a little pampering and shows of affection for his mate can go a long way. Leo also needs to watch his tendency to be crass, as Cancer is very easily offended. Even when words or actions mean no harm, she can take them to heart and even hold a grudge.

In the end, even though Leo and Cancer are opposing signs, they have the capability to offer what the other needs. Because of her peaceful nature, Cancer will always vote for love to persevere. This is complementary to Leo’s fixed and stubborn personality. He’s known to stick to his decisions once his mind is made up, and when wrong, his pride can get the best of him. Lucky for him, Cancer has the gentle nature and nurturing ways to tame the toughest lion. When Leo and Cancer share trust, loyalty and understanding, they definitely have the makings of a long-lasting relationship.

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