Green with Envy: Dealing with Libra Jealousy

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If you are intent on finding love, Libran partners have the reputation of being the most charming and easy-going of all the zodiac signs. But as anyone who has dated Libras will know, they can also be very jealous and possessive. Where does this dark side to the Libran nature come from, and how can consulting a psychic help you cope with it?

The answer lies in the sign that follows Libra in the zodiac, the sign of Scorpio. It is well-known that Scorpio is a jealous and possessive sign, but what is less well-known is that the sign of Scorpio often has a strong influence on Libra. If a Libran is born on the cusp where the sign of Libra changes to Scorpio, there may be many Scorpio traits present in the Libran nature. But even if a Libra is born well away from the cusp, there may be other Scorpio influences. The planets Mercury and Venus are close to the Sun, and that means they are never more than two signs away from a Libra Sun — a Libra may well have one or both of these planets in Scorpio. The Moon is another heavenly body that may impact on the Libran natal chart. The Moon moves very quickly through the signs each month and may land in Scorpio at the birth of a Libran. This can add a very intense emotional characteristic to the Libran nature.

How do you know which of these natal aspects is influencing the behavior of your Libran partner, causing intense jealousy and suspicion? Your Libran questions can be answered by talking to a psychic experienced with astrology. Your psychic will draw up a natal chart for your partner and quickly ascertain whether he or she has any planets in Scorpio, if the ascendant or the cusp is affected, and will be able to accurately pinpoint the source of the obsessive behavior. Finding out what causes your Libran partner’s bouts of green-eyed jealousy can help you cope when they arise.

Reasons for Libra Jealousy

  • If the ascendant is in Scorpio, your Libran partner will be even more sexy and charming than the average Libra, but with the Scorpio gift for concealment. He will keep part of his true nature hidden, and you may be shocked when he suddenly lashes out. By studying this aspect, a psychic can tell you what triggers these changes of mood.

  • Mercury in Scorpio means the mind is affected by Scorpio’s deep passions, and you will not always know what your Libran partner is thinking. With Mercury in Scorpio, there will be a tendency to be secretive and brooding and to dwell on every small hurt as if it were a huge betrayal. While the Libra with Mercury in Scorpio may not actually be unfaithful, he will certainly have a roving eye!

  • Venus in Scorpio has a different effect, depending on whether the partner is male or female. The female Libra will display strong Scorpio characteristics in dress and manner. She will be a sexy woman who attracts all eyes and secretly glories in it. While she will be a very exciting sex partner, she will be very possessive and obsessive about her partner’s fidelity. The male Libra with Venus in Scorpio will be attracted to strong, sexy women, but will boil with jealousy because other men are attracted to her. While he is a good lover, he tends to brood over possible unfaithfulness. Both male and female Libras will want to control their lover, dictating everything from your hair to your shoes. They will react badly if you wear gifts from another and may even forbid you to accept gifts from anyone but close relatives.

  • The Moon in Scorpio has a very intense effect upon the affable Libra. A male with the Moon in Scorpio likely has a very intense relationship with his mother and will want to possess a lover body and soul. He will keep his emotions hidden but will exercise tight control over his domestic circumstances. The Libran woman with the Moon in Scorpio will be a sexual powerhouse in the bedroom and a control freak everywhere else. She is jealous and possessive of everything she thinks of as hers alone, and this includes her partner. Both genders have deeply intense passions and emotions and will exact vengeance if their partner strays. Consulting a psychic is necessary where these passions threaten to take control of the relationship.

Your Psychic’s Advice

But the picture is not all gloom, which is why you should consult a psychic if your Libran partner displays strong Scorpio characteristics. An intuitive psychic will study the natal chart to find out what triggers these feelings, compare your partner’s chart to your own, and give you the best advice on how to cope with these moods.

If the situation is one that will not lead to happiness for you, the psychic will point this out and help you reach a decision about the future of the relationship. You may be strong enough to cope with a strong Scorpio influence in your partner’s chart, or you may come to realize that this is a basic flaw in your relationship that you cannot hope to overcome. In both cases, a psychic will use her intuition and knowledge to guide you to make the best decision.

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