How November’s Mercury Retrograde Will Affect Your Sign

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by Advisor Leslie Hale

Mercury retrogrades one last time this year, from November 16 – December 6. Each year, Mercury retrogrades 3 or 4 times in a particular element, this year’s being Fire. Mercury turns stationary retrograde at 13 degrees of Sagittarius on November 16, at 8:33 PM, EST. That is also the same day retrograde Venus turns direct!

Venus turns direct at 25 degrees of Libra in the early morning hours (EST) of November 16, and we may feel a surge start to move forward but by evening, as Mercury changes its course, we should bear in mind while the planet of love, beauty, money and values is direct, we should exercise caution in beginning new ventures and making new starts with a retrograde Mercury.

The sign Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and gain, and also rules the ninth house of education, courts, travel and world view, so these are the areas that will be affected overall. Jupiter also rules doctors, lawyers, and foreigners, and the collective may be paying attention to politics more than usual during this period.

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What to Expect from Mercury Retrograde

Retrograde Mercury is part of the natural cycle of life, and it is time to re-do, re-think and re-vamp what we are already working on, rather than begin new ventures. It is time to slow down, correct matters at hand, re-do, re-access and re-think where we are going and why. Mercury is the planet of travel, communication, young people and pets.

This is not the time to buy electronics, big ticket items, start new projects, get married or engaged, or begin a new business. It is not an ideal time to start a new job, but I tell clients if you need a job and get an offer, don’t turn it down. That said, many things could occur. The job could be different from what you thought, there could be delays, or at the very least, it will likely not be the last job you ever have.

Retrograde Mercury is a wild card. As Mercury rules the mind, we could have trouble concentrating, become forgetful, or we could experience this through other people.

Equipment and machinery has a tendency to breakdown at this. It could be your car, your washing machine, computer or coffee pot. Hopefully, none of these things will happen, but this is one of the reasons retrograde Mercury elicits groans when mentioned.

Retrograde Mercury has a tendency to take us back to the past in different ways. This can include people, possessions, and past projects can be reviewed.

The stationary retrograde period is where we start to notice a big shift in Mercurial energy, things change and for a few days may seem to go haywire. Meetings get cancelled, calls don’t get returned and delays occur.

But, as part of the natural cycle, new information is also uncovered that is needed. During a retrograde Mercury we often find out information we need to make progress in the future. Retrograde Mercury uncovers information we need and may not have been aware of before the retrograde.

The Stages of Mercury Retrograde

Retrograde Mercury is a process. The shadow period of the retrograde where things start to change in a subtle way began on October 29. The stationary retrograde period where the energy clearly shifts occurs November 16 – 20. After that, Mercury goes through a period of apparent backward motion (it does not actually move backward) until December 6, when it officially turns direct – this is called the stationary direct period, which lasts until December 9. Then, there is another shadow period as all things straighten out that will last until December 25.

During this retrograde we will mentally travel through two worlds as Mercury will move through two signs. It will remain in Sagittarius until December 2, then it moves back into Scorpio. Scorpio rules the 8th house of money, sex, and change and transformation. Scorpio is deeper and more intense than Sagittarius and ruled by Mars and Pluto which are harsher, more malefic planets. Thinking will be heavier. Mercury turns direct in Scorpio and will remain in this sign until December 12, when it re-enters Sagittarius for the rest of the year.

2018 has been a year of intense retrogrades. Both Mars and Venus were retrograde this year along with 6 other planets, and there have been many delays.

The good news is this is the final retrograde of the year, and we will be moving full steam ahead into 2019. As of January 6, 2019, all planets are direct, and we will move unfettered into the new year.

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Mercury Retrograde and Your Sign

Look below to see which house Mercury transits through your chart. Use your ascendant if you know it and if not your Sun sign.

Aries – 9th house of travel, education and world view to 8th house of money, other people’s money, sex.

Taurus – 8th house of money, joint finances, sex to 7th house of partners/marriage.

Gemini – 7th house of marriage/partners to 6th house of work/health

Cancer – 6th house of work/health to 5th house of love, friends, children.

Leo – 5th house of children, friends, love to 4th house of home, foundation, family.

Virgo – 4th house of foundation, home and family to 3rd house of immediate family, trips, neighbors.

Libra – 3rd house of immediate family, neighbors, co-workers, trips to 2nd house of money/income.

Scorpio – 2nd house of money to 1st house of self, personal interests.

Sagittarius – 1st house of self and self-interests to 12th house of hospitals/seclusion, hidden matters, subconscious mind.

Capricorn – 12th house of seclusion, hidden matters, the subconscious mind to 11th house of friends, hopes and wishes.

Aquarius – 11th house of friends, hopes and wishes to 10th house of business and career.

Pisces– 10th house of career and priorities to 9th house of travel, education.


About the Author: Leslie began to study metaphysics at a very young age. After college she pursued a career in media but her passion for astrology turned into two decades of intense study during the 1980’s-90’s. Leslie joined Keen in 2002 and specializes in relationships, breakups, finance, and time-frames relating to specific life events.

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