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Take this one slow, Leo and Virgo! At first it might not seem like you would get along, but if you give it time, you could find that those differences are mainly on the surface or easily overcome with mutual respect and understanding. Your signs are right next to each other in the zodiac, and that means that you’ve got some clashing qualities — but you can use those differences to enrich each other’s lives.

Moderating Influences

So about those differences. Leo is the leader, the go-getter, the woman who always seems to have an extroverted side even if she declares she’s an introvert. Lucky Leo expects to be in charge, and energy is a constant companion.

A Virgo man, on the other hand, is the perfectionist who often focuses on health, cleanliness, routine, and stability. He can be quiet or loud, but he’ll always be detailed and provide proof of his claims.

So here you have a Leo woman who likes to be in charge and who goes and gets what she wants, versus a Virgo man who needs his life to follow certain rules — of his making. You’ve also got someone who likes to stick to routines pairing up with someone who could decide to go in a completely different direction at the last minute.

That doesn’t sound so supportive at first, but hang on. If a Virgo man and Leo woman can recognize that they have these basic differences in their personalities, they can use those differences as compatibility strengths to make each other’s lives fuller. Virgo can benefit from a little more improvisation, while Leo can benefit from learning to be more patiently persistent. A Leo woman has no problem being persistent, but it’s often an energetic persistence that lasts only while she’s interested in the outcome. And while a Virgo man can definitely have an unstructured day and goof off, even his goofing off tends to follow a routine. You two can make each other’s lives more well-rounded, to be sure.

(Amazingly, Leo is the fixed sign — you know, the stable, nose-grindstone quality — while Virgo is the mutable one, who edits and refines. So you two can work together a lot better than others might think!)

Keep your elements in mind here. Leo is fire and Virgo is Earth. Earth can smother fire, and fire can scorch anything Earth tries to grow. Neither of you should try to take over the other person’s life or insist the other person live according to your values and way of doing things. Mutual respect and keeping your distance (and your mouth shut) when you want to force the other person to do things your way is critical.

Talk to a love and relationship psychic for additional insights about compatibility.

If It’s Not One Sign, It’s Another….

Virgo comes right after Leo in the zodiac. That means that when a planet finishes transiting one of Leo’s houses, it goes into that house in Virgo. In other words, when Saturn, for example, leaves Leo’s first house and goes into her second, the planet is actually entering Virgo’s first house. And this is true for all planets and houses.

That means that if there’s a particularly problematic transit, such as Saturn or Mars (which aren’t always bad, just really evident while they’re there, which can be tough), your partnership is going to be dealing with similar effects for a long time. This can be good and bad.

On one hand, you’re getting those influences out of the way in your relationship. Saturn in the first house can affect your identity, for example, so when Saturn was in Leo several years ago and then moved into Virgo, a Leo-Virgo partnership could have had identity crises over a good five to six years. But once Saturn moved on, those issues were done for both partners.

This immediate influence also lets Virgo benefit from Leo’s wisdom about the transit, something that Leo women would love to talk about. The transit could end up being less stressful for Virgo men.

But on the flip side, those new issues for Virgo could interfere with Leo’s attempts to move on if the transits prove really treacherous for Virgo. So Virgo, you’ve got to be cautious about how much complaining you do or how much advice you ask for. Leo will always be willing to help, but she’s got to handle her new transits, too. And Leo, please realize that Virgo doesn’t have the benefit of experience that you do — don’t blow off all his complaints or questions.

Partners in Business, Friendship, and Love

No matter the type of relationship, it’s only going to be as good as you make it. This can be a great, great pairing, but there’s nothing magical about it — all the good stuff comes from you two learning how to fit your lives and attitudes around each other. That’s very doable, by the way. Really, you both have excellent chances if you slow down and remember that there is a lot more to the other person underneath that surface appearance.

Business partners would do well. Leo’s energy can move the business forward in a steady manner — again, she is very persistent when chasing a goal — while Virgo is the detail-oriented one who can spot issues and fix them. Leo should watch out for a tendency to be too much of a leader, as Leo can get a bit, well, tyrannical. And Virgo, make sure those details you’re refining don’t swallow you up. Try to keep the partnership as equal as possible in terms of responsibility and credit.

Friends could do fine. Again, Leo shouldn’t always take the lead, and Virgo can ease up a bit regarding what Leo is eating (yeah, Virgo, we know you’re a health nut). Balance your activities so that you’re both able to do things you like.

As for love, this can be a really warm and caring relationship. It’s actually quite sweet! Both of you are loyal and dedicated to each other. A Leo woman‘s confidence can shore up Virgo’s occasional need for reassurance, and vice versa; a Virgo man‘s practical nature can help Leo keep her occasional flights of fancy from getting too out of hand. This is a healthy, varied relationship that can be very stable.

As usual, ascendants and other natal factors all come into play. Both of you would benefit from getting your full charts done through a personal astrology reading. Your reader will help you spot other influences that could make life easier or more interesting.

So hey, even if neither of you can figure out what on earth is drawing you to each other at first, give it time. You’ve got some great qualities in common and, if you can keep that balance going, your relationship can work out just fine.

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