Love Changes Direction with Venus Retrograde on October 5

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by Astrologer Leslie Hale

Venus, the planet ruling love and romance, marriage money, pleasure, art, and values, turns retrograde in the heavens on October 5, through November 16, 2018. Venus retrogrades about every 18 months. While in its retrograde period Venus will move through the sign that is considered to be at its detriment (Scorpio) back into the sign where it is considered at home (Libra).

Venus turns stationary retrograde, a point where the energy change is most noticeable, October 5-12 at 10 degrees of Scorpio. Venus in Scorpio at its detriment and retrograde can lead to overly intense or dramatic situations, jealousy, and obsessions, sexual incidents and issues or breakups, depending on the aspects in your personal chart. A solid relationship is unlikely to break up or end, but those relationships tottering on the edge or not stable could end. As Venus is in a fixed sign, the end could be final.

In a general sense when Venus retrogrades love energy becomes more intense and drama can occur, especially in Scorpio. It is a period when seemingly fated events occur, sometimes appearing to be beyond the control of the parties involved.

As Venus is in the sign ruled by Mars and Pluto (Scorpio) people may seem more aggressive, passive aggressive, needier and overly intense, brooding and demanding or even revengeful.

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The Karma and Fate of Relationships

Relationships can take many twists and turns, slow down, end or change in some way. But, as stated earlier, if your relationship is solid you need not fear an ending.  Some people may re-unite after a separation during this time. At times, those from our past can reappear. It is a time of reviewing and re-accessing your love life, what you want, need and are getting from others. Changes occur, and people can switch their affections and partnerships. The karma (karma=the universal will) of the relationship can play out during this period, especially if there is conflict to begin with. Unresolved issues come to the forefront to be resolved one way or another, but if a commitment exists with work the relationship can become stronger.

Situations in relationships can be revealed for what they really are during this time. Some couples will decide to divorce or split and decisions will be made as to the future of the relationship. Other couples will reunite or take things to a deeper level. Love interests that are not solid can dissolve or come forward at this time, and an interest that has never gone anywhere can dissolve, shift to someone else, or an incident can occur that spells out the fact you should move on. The rose-colored blinders can come off. Those relationships not grounded in reality can be shown to be inaccessible at this time, such as a love interest who is involved with someone else and takes that relationship to the next level. This is not a bad thing, as it can show you the truth, thus freeing you to move on to someone who is emotionally, if not physically accessible.

I always tell clients that during this time, the ‘karma,’ of their relationship often plays out, especially questionable, negative or unstable relationships. Retrograde planets often have to do with events that are ‘fated’ or otherwise outside of our ability to control.

If you begin a new relationship on a retrograde Venus the love energy may never be fully expressed, or when Venus goes direct the relationship may change or end at that time. Venus retrograde is a wildcard. Sometimes the relationship doesn’t take off until Venus turns direct. This is not a bad thing, if it does. A retrograde Venus period is the time to fully get to know any new person, not give your heart away or enter a spontaneous affair with high expectations. Relationships are changeable during this period, and especially when Venus turns direct again. What appeared to be a viable relationship during retrograde Venus may change once it turns direct, or it could be the other way around.

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Venus on Social Situations and Creativity

During a Venus retrograde period the things that Venus influences will be less apparent and visual sensibilities can be reduced. This is not the time to buy jewelry, art, expensive clothing or decorations, give big parties, get married, engaged, move in together, or have plastic surgery. Since Venus rules the courts, legal situations can slow down as can diplomatic efforts.  Unresolved issues come forward and demand resolution. It may be more difficult to express ourselves socially.  Venus is the lesser of the two money planets, and money may not flow as freely during this period.

Art and creativity can be affected in a positive way at this time. Retrograde planets can mean finding a deeper and more profound energy to work with which can affect those in the creative arts in a positive way.

Beyond romance, Venus can effect other relationships, our values, money and those things that are important in life. Many significant changes can occur depending on where it falls in your personal chart.

Venus Moves from Scorpio to Libra

Venus will retrograde from 10 to 0 degrees of Scorpio October 5-31, when it re-enters Libra, the sign where it is considered at home. From here, Venus turns direct at 25 degrees of Libra November 16.

Venus in Libra, is quite different from Scorpio where it is considered at its’ detriment. At detriment Venus often portends its worst qualities (jealousy, obsession, aggression, revenge) and in Libra, it’s better nature. Venus in Libra is more fair, balanced and at peace and Libra likes to please.

If Venus turns turns direct aspecting a planet in your chart in a positive angle, significant events can occur, or you could meet someone new or a relationship can improve. For some the retrograde direct period can be very significant and positive.

Venus changing direction to weed the negative or useless relationships out of your life, or change them and enable you to make room for something more positive.  Reality will be the key word, and it is not always what we want to see. The good relationships will become stronger during this period, and it is a time to work through issues and create more balance in you closest relationships with others.

lesliehale-thumbnail1About the Author: Leslie began to study metaphysics at a very young age. After college she pursued a career in media but her passion for astrology turned into two decades of intense study during the 1980’s-90’s. Leslie joined Keen in 2002 and specializes in relationships, breakups, finance, and time-frames relating to specific life events.

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