Mercury Retograde: What to Expect Based on Your Sign

by Keen Psychic: Modern Sibyl


Mercury is heading into its first retrograde of 2018 on March 22nd and lasting until April 15th, taking place entirely in fiery Aries. Before we commit to hiding under the covers, intent to avoid the common Mercury Retrograde challenges, let’s take a look at how best to navigate this transit. Mercury retrograde offers up a dual potential for both rapid success and constant challenge. With any Mercury Retrograde, the thing to keep in mind is the prefix “re.” This is a time for reassessment, redoing, rethinking, redecorating, revising and even retreating.

Your Mercury Retrograde Reading

Where this transit takes place within your chart provides you with a clue to the areas of life most likely to encounter any challenges. When we know how we are likely to feel Mercury Retrograde the strongest, we can pivot what might have resulted in a setback into a strength. Let’s take a look at how each sign will be impacted with Mercury’s first retrograde of 2018.

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Mercury Retrograde brings attention to your sense of self, identity, brand, public image and reputation. Due to this retrograde taking place in your sign, you are likely to feel this transit more so than other signs. Watch for impulsive behaviors,, you want to slow the pace and take your time in all things. The energy of this transit asks you to reconsider your image and brand. How are you perceived? Is it in line with the person you are at your core? Now is the time for reassessing your image and redoing anything related to marketing, image, reputation and identity. This may be a time where you begin to contemplate a total makeover. One which aligns with what is within.


For Taureans Mercury Retrograde takes place in your 12th house of endings, healing, closure, spirituality and solitude. For some of you, this could mean medicine. A time when you remove those from your life who do not serve your highest good. Those who are taking more than they are giving back. But because of the impulsivity of this transit it can also mean that you end up doing something off the cuff that you regret later. I encourage you to take some time to really assess things before acting. Do your words match how you will feel in the days to come, or are they rooted in the emotion you are feeling in the moment? Slow down and act with extreme caution, especially where it relates to your personal relationships.


Mercury retrogrades through your 11th house of groups, social affiliations, friends and activism, and will bring attention to slowing down, reassessing and really taking stock of the impact you are having in these areas. You may find that it best to say no to certain social invitations to make sure there is plenty of whitespace on the calendar for self-care and personal pursuits. You may also want to consider your affiliations. Do your relationships and those you associate with reflect who you are today? Do they reflect where you wish to go in this life? While Mercury Retrograde is not the time to act on the answers to these questions, they provide you with food for thought when Mercury turns direct.


During Mercury Retrograde, your 10th house of career and long-term aspirations will be where you are impacted most. You may want to take special care to your work and professional aspirations. Are you in the right work? Do you feel fulfilled or is there something else you are feeling drawn towards? Now is a time for practical assessment and putting in the elbow grease for what you desire to achieve. Even if a full-on career change is not something you are looking for, you can certainly assess what you can do to make your current gig more prosperous and fulfilling.


During Mercury Retrograde, your 9th house of travel, higher wisdom, and learning is standing out. This is a time for considering where you desire to go and what you desire to learn. If wanderlust has already set in, remember that costly expenses and plans that take place during retrograde tend to hit snafu’s. So triple check all figures before committing. However, now would be a great time for planning a trip for after Mercury has turned direct on April 15th.

If travel is not really on your mind, now may be a great time for going back to school or taking a course either to advance your career or just to broaden your understanding on a particular topic.


You will find Mercury Retrograding through your 8th house of merging, sex/intimacy, shared finances, taxes, and loans. Energy will be slowing down in these areas and causing potential challenge. An unexpected bill could come in the mail. Your taxes may come back with an error in their filing.  You may feel an impact to your personal relationships, as they relate to both intimacy and shared finances. Where can you tighten the belt and tend to any debt that comes your way or is an existing burden to you? How can you work with your partner to be more in sync where money is concerned? This information will help you take things to a higher, and more beneficial level when Mercury turns direct April 15th.

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Relationships, marriage, and contracts with all partners and governing parties are all highlighted with Mercury retrograding through your 7th house. This is a time for healing and rejuvenation where your relationships are concerned. Issues that you thought you had dealt with and left behind are likely to surface, causing distress and frustration. Now is not the time to act impulsively but to instead view what comes up from a place of healing and understanding. Anything that surfaces now is doing so to help you understand what remains of old issues. Dealing with them now will help you to truly leave them in the past.


Your 6th house of health, fitness and personal as well as work habits will be highlighted during this retrograde. Now is the time to look into your vitality and the personal habits that are part of your day to day. Are they serving you or are you locked in patterns that are doing more to drag you down then elevate you? This would be a great time for taking a look as well at your work habits. Are you doing enough to shine in your field or do you need to implement a few new habits that may help to show your true potential? Remember that now is the time for gathering information, answering these and other questions. The time to act will come on April 15th and in the days and weeks that follow.


Romance, love affairs, creativity, and expression are all highlighted for you during this Mercury Retrograde. While retrograding through your 5th house, you will likely find issues related to romance and affairs to be a main focus. Information that you hoped to keep hush hush is likely to surface, so now is a time for caution. This is of special importance for those who are involved in triangular relationships.  Additionally, projects related to expression and creativity may hit a few roadblocks. The thing to remember with Mercury retrograding through such a personal house as the 5th, is that issues that arise do not mean all is lost. It simply means there is something that needs reworking in order for energy to flow fluidly.


Your 4th house of family, home, self-care, and other foundations is highlighted with Mercury Retrograde. This is a great time for assessing your living situation. Does it suit you? Does it fit who you are? This may be a time when you decide to look into moving homes or redecorating your home so that it reflects your personality. Additionally, now is the time to pay attention to your level of self-care. Implement a few things over the course of the next 3 weeks that make you a priority and tend to your needs. Then watch as those around you naturally fall in line to do the same!


Your 3rd house of the mind, thinking, and communication is going to be highlighted with Mercury Retrograde. During this time your thoughts and how you express them may be a source of struggle for you. There may be many great ideas swelling within, but you could stumble over your words as you attempt to communicate these ideas to the world. Whether it’s in the boardroom or the living room, communication for you is going to be challenging. Take time to really consider what you wish to express and how you can best express it. Take special care that anything you say is accurate. Mercury Retrograde in Aries can lead us to speak before we think. Make sure you do your research and know your point before you step upon the soapbox.


Mercury is retrograding through your house of earned income, money and work. Taking time to reassess these areas and any issues that come to the surface is important. Now is not the time for lofty expenditures that you may regret later. Though you may think it’s a worthwhile expense, you may find it does not prove as valuable in hindsight. If, however, you are considering a career change or a modification to how you work, this is a great time for researching the best way to go about implementing this. The more info you gather, the more you will find the flow to be easy and productive come April 15th.

I hope these readings guide you as you navigate the energy of Mercury Retrograde. If you want to dig in deeper, feel free to set up your personal one-one-one reading to explore the energy surrounding you.


About the Author

Laura Brown (Modern Sibyl) provides insight into love and relationships weaving together her natural skills as a Psychic Intuitive and Tarot. Laura’s accurate and straight forward insight taps into agenda, intention, feeling and guides you on how to shift patterns so your relationships move in the direction you desire.

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