Pisces Man Libra Woman Compatibility


Pisces men may be love at first sight for a Libra woman on the prowl for love, but is it truly meant to last? The Pisces man is romantic, selfless and emotion-led, all wrapped into one perfect package. As gentle and shy as this sign usually is, his passion for the woman he desires will drive him beyond his anxieties if it means success. For Libra women, a selfless and overly-generous partner seems like a gift from above and suits her uncompromising demands for relationship equality and zero conflict. With two signs so enthused about the presence of each other in their lives, compatibility comes easily. It can appear difficult to pinpoint where and why this relationship can go wrong when everything is going right. For those embarking into a Libra woman and Pisces man pairing, or perhaps considering one for the future, developing an understanding of your long-term compatibility can increase the likelihood it remains blissful.

Basic Compatibility

Libra women are one of the primary love-seekers of the zodiac. They can’t stand being alone and really function at their best when they are with their partners in all things. Pisces men, on the other hand, are the dreamers of the zodiac and dreaming is most certainly a solo activity. This can be concerning as, from the outside, the overly romantic fish may appear to be the dream man to never leave your side, but it is not so. While Pisces men are nearly uncontested when it comes to romance and devotion, they certainly balance it out by lacking in other areas.  For example, he will clearly see the need in making you smile daily, but he may not feel the same way about keeping the house clean and tidy. His needs and responses exist on an emotional scale and not a practical one; as such, he isn’t always a reliable individual.

A partnership, whether platonic or intimate, is a two-way street for Libra. Here, just like with everything else, she loathes a lack of balance. The queen of fairness may discover the fish isn’t quite holding up his side of the load, but her conflict avoidance may drive her to stick with it. After all, who can find fault in the gentlest, sweetest, and most charming man of the zodiac? Peaceful coexistence and a partner who is doting, not dominating, are what dreams are made of for Libra women. Her need for partnership and attention in the here and now can leave her unsatisfied with her starry-eyed dreamer, but it is rarely enough to drive a wedge between them. Instead, emotions on both sides may be suppressed, leading to a simmering unhappiness that lasts for as long as their patience and needs for each other do.

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Love And Relationships

As a social sign, the Libra woman adores her friends and finds friendships easy to get and maintain. She performs well and fairly as a mediator and is everyone’s go-to guru when there is a problem that needs solving. Pisces men are charming and are a magnet for all people, both good and bad. The selflessness and desire to keep everyone happy will earn this introvert enough friendships to rival that of the most extroverted individual. It also puts him at great risk because his trust knows no limit. With a Libra woman as his partner, she can serve as the early warning system for him when he is being manipulated, which tends to occur frequently. Pisces men are extremely empathetic and care about their partner’s needs enough that they will try to make them happy when problems are communicated. Without frequent reminders, however, the dreamer may well forget what was needed of him.

It goes without saying that any relationship with a Pisces man will be chock full of romance and passion. He is typically very avoidant of any short-term or lust-driven relationship as his emotions always run deep. Emotional connection is mandatory in everything for him to feel complete, especially sex. He desires an active, passion-focused sex life as opposed to just for satisfaction, and will put his all into pleasing his partner in bed. Libra women enjoy sex a great deal as well but are often chasing the excitement and spontaneity of it. The sensual build up and carefully planned romance of Pisces may gradually wear on the fun-loving Libra’s patience. Still, communication can solve this problem as Pisces is very adaptable as long as he has a steady stream of reminders or reinforcement in the form of visibly seeing what makes you happy. Relationships between the two signs, as a whole, almost always go perfectly but they can go sour as two signs that avoid speaking up can allow issues to grow to explosive proportions.

Working Together

Jointly, as a pair and separately, these signs are a blessing in the workplace. Both of them desire to help and are not hard-fueled by ambition enough to ever walk all over their fellow employees. While Pisces may not ever succeed in a leadership position due to being the nice and easily manipulated boss, he really works hard in both a team and on individual assignments. The Libra woman naturally performs best in a group situation and flawlessly fulfills all the requirements of a good leader due to her dedication to fairness. Working together, they are an asset to any team and aside, from some possible issues meeting deadlines, there are rarely any complaints.

The Pisces man and Libra woman can really be a captivating pair, prompting envy in all who look upon them. While there are a few kinks to work out in this pairing, it is pretty safe to bet on its success. Lack of communication due to passiveness and a desire to keep the peace can quickly lead to the downfall of this relationship and must be addressed. Individual responsibility can also be a small source of contention. Pisces men are the free floating spirits of the river, and it may well be up to his Libra partner to give him some guidance before he floats away. For her part, this is one fish she will never forgive herself for throwing back. Libra women and Pisces men everywhere can rejoice, there are few storms in this sea.

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