Sagittarius Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility

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The Sagittarius man and Aquarius woman who dive headfirst into a loving relationship together can look forward to fun, excitement, and deep understanding. Both the archer and water-bearer are signs that need freedom and independence to thrive – with anything less, relationships last only as long as their tolerance holds out. Luckily for this pair, their independence-loving lifestyles tend to match up which leaves little opportunity for conflict. The enthusiastic, cheerful nature of the Sagittarius man will be cherished by the Aquarius woman, and he will happily accept her for who she is. The only thing this match is lacking is any sort of restraint beyond their shared avoidance of commitment. For those interested in giving it a go, you should make sure you are well prepared as there are no breaks once you two get going.

Basic Compatibility

Sagittarius men and Aquarius women both share a wild nature, but to different degrees. The water-bearer is wild because she is free and refuses to allow anyone to limit her desires or accomplishments. The wildness of the archer is much more intense and based on his raw passion for life that simply cannot be controlled. Sagittarius-born are known to be extremely playful, often even childish while being ready to snap back to seriousness if the moment calls for it. Aquarius women are somewhat opposite, leaning toward a more serious approach to life, often to the point that they are unfairly labeled as cold. The two signs also differ in what they want to get out of life. An Aquarius woman is constantly seeking out those in need and helping them, and these compassionate actions are what drives her and make her feel complete. The Sagittarius man lives more for adventure than anything else, seeing new places, people, and things and getting the absolute best out of all of life’s many experiences.

Naturally, there are some areas where these two signs can clash or struggle and it is a good idea to be both aware and prepared for them. True commitment will always be the major blockade for both signs. Sagittarius and Aquarius are both commitment-shy signs which have no problem letting a period of being just lovers last a lifetime. Getting to the stage of devotion and marriage will take time and someone to step forward. Another minor problem is the possibility of a disconnect when it comes to hobbies and interests. When the archer enjoys something, he puts his heart and soul into it fully and could do it forever. While an Aquarius woman can do that for a time, she loathes routines and prefers a more spontaneous and shallower approach to shared interests. Overall, the issues between the pair are few and far between, with the majority being minor. Provided there are no individual personality conflicts, the compatibility level between a Sagittarius man and an Aquarius woman is very high.

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Love And Relationships

Sagittarius men are highly extroverted and love to be around people of all types. He makes no demands on their lifestyle or morals and passes no judgment for people who are wildly different when it comes to friendships. He is loyal, dependable and honest which wins him the hearts of all those that he meets. Unlike other excitement-loving signs, Sagittarius does not cast aside friends that have become boring or uninteresting. Sagittarius’ friendships are deep and true, and simply not based on your ability to keep up with his untamed lifestyle. Aquarius women are just as social as Sagittarius, taking great joy in being surrounded by new friends. She is much more guarded on the emotional side, taking care to avoid clingy or dependent friends due to her inability to relate and provide what they are looking for. Those they find interesting may greatly differ as Aquarius prefers intellectual activities and Sagittarius is after more physical pursuits.

Long-term intimate relationships between the archer and the water-bearer are a blessing that must be fought for. If you make it pass all commitment issues to reach this stage, congratulations as most of the hard parts are over. Both Sagittarius men and Aquarius women are very communicative and honest, avoiding many of the common relationship pitfalls. The sex life between you two will be satisfying due to the combination of Sagittarius’ passionate energy and Aquarius’ love for intimate exploration. Although sex is great, general intimacy can be a struggle. The archer is a very romantic sign that seeks the same from his partner but, unfortunately, that emotionally intense closeness is not the water-bearer’s style. The good news is that the Aquarius woman will likely grow more comfortable with time, sharing her vulnerable heart and learning to be loved completely. As long as the freedom and lack of limitations exist, there is no reason why this relationship should fall apart.

Working Together

Aquarius women will no doubt seek out a career that aligns with their humanitarian interests. If they ultimately fail at that, finding the drive to work hard can be rather difficult as traditional ambition in a sign that is relatively selfless is rare. Whether paired up with a Sagittarius or alone, as she prefers, she still won’t cause any problems or hold back efficiency. All her needs really mean is that she won’t be going the extra mile. Sagittarius men are frequently the exact opposite, constantly working hard and having high ambition. Whenever there is no challenge available, he will create one himself to continuously push himself to his limits. He has no problems working on a team, taking direction, or interacting with Aquarius women in the workplace. He has a preference for high energy, fast-paced occupations while the water-bearer prefers the exact opposite. Overall, there should be no real problems between the pair.

If an adventure is what you are looking for, then this zodiac pairing might be the one for you. As an Aquarius woman, the Sagittarius man will both share and respect your need for independence and alone time. For the Sagittarius man, you benefit from someone as optimistic and upbeat as you are, who also will adore your playfulness. Chances are, neither of you will have to struggle with lack of communication in your relationship and honesty is just as important to both of you. Even if the ultimate act of commitment comes slowly, you will be glad you stuck it out with one of the best signs as far as compatibility is concerned. So for those interested, you should take the plunge and experience the leash-free life with your fellow freedom-loving sign.

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