Saturn in Scorpio – June 14

Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn moves backward into Scorpio on June 14. It will stay in this sign until September 17. It won’t be in Scorpio again for another 29 years! The last time it was in Scorpio was December 2014. For the past few months it has be moving backward and forward through Scorpio and Sagittarius.

Generally speaking, a Saturn Retrograde period gives everyone a much-needed break from the life lessons this taskmaster planet normally brings. But with Saturn going retrograde this time in the deep, intense Sign of Scorpio, the next few months could get interesting.

The focus now is on trust and security. Have you been making regular contributions to your savings or retirement account, or have you been blowing cash you don’t have on frivolous items? What about your relationship — have you been sensing an imbalance of give and take between you and your partner? Perhaps you’re on your own, choosing independence over connection because connection seems too risky and it’s easier just to rely on yourself. These are the types of issues that could come to the forefront now. 

Painful experiences from your past could reassert themselves, prodding at you to examine and resolve them. The good news is, you may feel less anxious than usual about these issues, which clears the way for better perspective. If you haven’t done the best job planning for the future, whether financially, at home or in choosing a caring partner, this is a good time to reorganize your priorities

Once you’ve identified trouble spots, make a plan that takes the future into account — but be realistic. Honesty is essential when determining which changes you can make in order to create a more secure future; staying grounded in your expectations of yourself and others is equally important.

Once Saturn turns direct once again, you can put your plan into action. When that time comes, trust yourself to access the deep inner strength and endurance needed to stick with it for the long haul — and get it right. Until then, focus on rebuilding an inner sense of trust, patience and, if needed, forgiveness. Fear holds us back from creating the life we dream of, but you have what it takes to release your fears and rebuild your faith in yourself, in love, and in the universe.

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