Taurus Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility

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Taurus Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility

The ever-patient bull and free-flowing water-bearer may end up facing the challenge of their lifetimes if they attempt to forge a path in life together. For those dedicated to the call of true love, there is good news should your heart pull you in this direction. Aquarius women are outstanding problem solvers and Taurus men are just too stubborn to give up on what their hearts truly desire. Learning to live with and love a sign that seems so distinctly counter to your own will take time and is not for those who desire a simple relationship on cruise control. These two stubborn signs bring big benefits to each other that can help balance out some of the more extreme traits they possess. Taurus men are all about stability and can provide that anchor that Aquarius women need instead of simply flowing through life. The water-bearer can help the bull to experience more from life, step out of his safety zone, and find passionate drives in something other than his own comfort. As with all tough relationships, the chance for perfect bliss does exist but comes with the necessity of hard work from both sides.

Basic Compatibility

The Aquarius woman belongs to a sign that leans further towards intellectual pursuits and interactions when seeking out a partner. Compared to the bull who traditionally delights in romance and much more physical engagements, they may struggle to find a method of communicating attraction that is satisfying to both. The Taurus man will swiftly reveal his typically beloved traits of reliability, dedication, being a hard-worker, and taking the security of him and his loved ones seriously. Those values are simply not as appreciated by Aquarius who treasures freedom, excitement, and independence above all else. The bull’s patient and enduring nature will likely win him the bonus of outlasting the water-bearer’s commitment-shy behavior and show her that she is worth waiting for, something she will adore.

The fundamental issue between the pair that can easily cause their undoing is stubbornness, a quality that they both share. The Aquarius woman is all about the lack of leashes and limitations, and anything that attempts to take that away from her will be shot down, each and every time. The Taurus man sticks to his values and his routines as a fixed quality sign and is unwilling to let even the chance of love drastically change the person he is. Together, they can find a shared appreciation for humanitarian efforts that can keep them from feeling so different. The bull is already fiercely protective and caring for his loved ones, and he only needs to allow some of that devotion to bleed over to all others. The water-bearer is an innate humanitarian, compassionate and passionate about helping those in need. In order for compatibility within this match to work, the Aquarius woman and Taurus man must both be willing to focus on things that draw them together, rather than make them stand apart.

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Love And Relationships

The Taurus man’s deep and everlasting attachments to all those important to him make every friendship a big deal. He is introverted and thus doesn’t often have an endless supply of people desiring his friendship, but it is not for any failures on his part. He is quite gregarious to most while avoiding those who directly counter his values. His devotion to friends, family, and loved ones is truly unmatched, and you will find no difference in the ferocity with which he protects each. Aquarius women are far more socially involved, finding new and interesting people to talk to on a daily basis is a thrill that nothing else can match. Unlike the bull, she will likely have enough friends to fill a phone book, although her commitments to them run quite a degree shallower. Becoming best friends with a water-bearer is no easy task, but is rewarded with a similar level of devotion as the bull gives to those who mean the world to him.

Intimate relationships, unfortunately, do not lessen the struggles of this difficult partnership. The soft-hearted bull desires a partner by his side as often as possible, and the Aquarius woman is simply not that. The water-bearer roams free, generally can’t stand clingy or protective partners and are not the 1-on-1 homebodies that Taurus men are well-known to be. On the plus side, both signs truly enjoy sexual intimacy and find it a highlight of their lives, even if their interest is aroused by drastically different behaviors. The Taurus man will undoubtedly struggle the most as he attempts to give his love the freedom she needs while his heart pines for her to be closer more often. An Aquarius woman who reluctantly restrains herself will never truly be happy and satisfied, so she must have strong desire and make a willing choice for the sake of the relationship in order for it to work. The opportunity for fulfillment and success is there, provided both sides put forth their best efforts.

Working Together

The Aquarius woman and Taurus man have zero desire for conflict and competition which makes working together with most signs a good experience. The bull delights in hard work, taking his tasks, and the money he makes, seriously so there will be no slacking off. The water-bearer certainly cares a great deal less about material things, but finds committing to work fulfilling in its own way. Whether alone or in a team you can expect the best from the bull, with even leadership and management performed well. Aquarius women generally have little desire for leadership except for the increased freedom it provides, so you are unlikely to see them jumping at the position. All in all, the water-bearer and bull make a fantastic and hard-working pair when they find themselves as co-workers.

Despite seeming perpetually at odds, the Aquarius woman and Taurus man can work their way towards the relationship of their dreams. Each sign has much to offer the other and invites balance into the lives of those who live at opposite ends of the spectrum. The patience of the Taurus man and his slow yet steady approach to life is often all the Aquarius woman needs to feel comfortable enough to settle down. She brings the light and excitement to his otherwise overly comfortable routines in their gentle exchange of give and take. So for those who take an interest in this difficult, but not impossible relationship, have faith in your love and dedication for it will not fail you.

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