Taurus Man Libra Woman Compatibility


Taurus men are enticing to nearly any zodiac sign, for better or for worse. It is no surprise that Libra women find it hard to shake their desire for this reliable man who takes responsibility seriously and will never leave her side. Her conflict avoidance and desire to do everything together don’t allow the negatives of the bull to rise to the surface, making relationships genial and sweet. The positives of this match simply drown out any of the potential negatives, making it a relatively safe bet for those who take star signs into careful consideration. While they have their separate interests and distinct values, there is no hard clash that causes trouble or foments bitterness. The secret to any fulfilling relationship is developing an understanding of each other’s needs and communicating to address differences. This short guide can help you do both.

Basic Compatibility

You do not need to be two peas in a pod to stand a chance at relationship success and few prove that more than Taurus and Libra.  Taurus men tend to embody all the positive traits of what the stereotypical traditional man should be. Practical as opposed to dreamy, reliable, protective, loyal and strong. Surprisingly enough, these are combined with other unexpected traits, such as appreciation for the fine and fancy, romance, and a love for beauty wherever it is found in the world. This love for beauty and the arts is mirrored by Libra women, who regularly indulge in music and the arts. Libra women are gracious, kind, and forever stuck on the idea of justice and equality. Both the Taurus man and Libra woman are hard-working and cooperative, which makes them quite compatible; they are happy to relax and indulge in their justly earned riches together.

Libra women love Taurus men as they brim with leadership and are sure of themselves while the scales are often indecisive. Being alone is a Libra woman’s most hated situation beyond that of injustice. While Taurus adores his alone times, the true romantic in him drives him to his mate’s side, to her delight. His stubbornness paired with possessive drives may become problematic if allowed to grow out of control. The Libra woman will need to overcome her fear of confrontation in order to keep the relationship healthy, and not pass off his bad behavior as a fair trade for a real man. Overall compatibility is great between these two and their innate drive to work together and succeed make any mountain climbable.

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Love And Relationships

Romance and enduring love are where Taurus men truly shine, so there will never be a lack of meaningful intimacy. They are hedonistic by nature when in love, and happily lose themselves in giving and taking pleasure with their mates. It is important to understand that both signs respond and recover extremely poorly from hurting, abandonment and betrayal. Due to their self-awareness of this, relationships tend to begin carefully guarded, and it may take a long time to gain trust and win hearts. Female Libras are built for balance, and without a partner who truly fits her, she will not stick around long. She will be upfront about what she needs, and as Taurus refuses to compromise, it will be clear at the start whether it will work out. Libra women require peace and harmony in both friendships and relationships, so the emotionally stable bull makes a fantastic fit.

Passion and intimacy are at an all-time high for this pairing as they are both very physical and sensual creatures. Sex is frequent and often more involved and emotional as opposed to merely for fun and release. While they both enjoy treating each other to the finest things in life, don’t expect wild and unconventional sexual needs. The classic candles and dinner romance or sensual encounters in a hot tub is more par for the course of these signs. Libra is the more explorative of the two while Taurus maintains his if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it approach. There is no limit to where love will lead a Taurus man and Libra woman.

Working Together

As mentioned previously, Libra women and Taurus men are hard workers. He works hard by nature and she is driven by the desire to be fair and a love for working together. In the workplace, it is unlikely that either will cause any problems or initiate drama. Taurus men are kind and generous leaders but don’t suffer from Leo’s unquenchable need to be recognized for their efforts. Libra women function more like the jack of all trades, doing well in any position as long as they aren’t left alone in an office cubicle.  In truth, they are built for cooperation and thus are the ultimate team players. Whether they work alone or apart, it should be smooth sailing for all involved.

The bull and the scales pair well together in both simple friendships and long-term relationships. They share a great appreciation for the beautiful things in life and are never more comfortable than when in the arms of one another. The hard and tough exterior of Taurus doesn’t do his sensual and sweet side justice, and so the queen of justice herself is there to prove it exists. Possessing far shorter lists of negatives than similar signs means they have more time to spend being happy and less time fighting. Taurus and Libra may not be a perfect pairing, but they come quite close.

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