How to Choose the Right Psychic For You


If you’ve made your way to KEEN, then you’re probably looking for some kind of guidance – personal or spiritual. That’s what our psychic advisors specialize in, and you’re in the right place. However, you’ve probably started browsing the site and found many psychics specializing in many different things. How do you know which psychic is right for you?

This article will help you find a psychic you can connect with best who will provide you the type of reading you seek. When choosing a psychic, first you need to consider where their expertise lies to find the one that fits your needs.

When to Call an Empath

If you’re having trouble picking up on emotions of someone or people important to you, or are struggling to find out even your own sadness or anxieties, this is where an empathy comes in. Empaths are incredibly skilled in sensing the emotions and feelings of others. If you want to pick up on the emotions of a special someone in your life, perhaps it’s a partner, or maybe a family member, a psychic empathy will assist you grasp these emotions.

When to Call a Medium

Losing someone close to us can be utterly devastating or traumatic, and oftentimes we find that we’re left with many unanswered questions or things left unsaid. For anyone with a desire to communicate with someone who has passed away, psychic mediums specialize in sending or delivering messages from the spirit world and pass them along to the living. Whether you want to speak to a deceased family member or a friend who has passed away, a medium will allow you to communicate with your loved ones again. This communication will help you past your grief and help you heal. Psychic mediums can also communicate with angels and spiritual guides to help you on your journey in life.

When to Call a Clairvoyant

Do you find yourself questioning the direction of your life? A Clairvoyant can help you uncover hidden truth, allowing them to help you discover the best path for you. Clairvoyants are honest and direct—they use their vision of events to help those curious about the future of a romantic relationship, about their careers, or about other personal situations or relationships. When it comes to your job, a clairvoyant can show you how to get a promotion or change careers. From relationships and career to understanding yourself better, clairvoyants can use their sixth sense to help answer your questions about your life.

When to Call a Clairaudient

Clairaudients are known for their talent of having ‘clear hearing.’ With this special gift, Clairaudients are capable of listening to spiritual guides. Clairaudients are able to get messages from an inner source and use their own intuition to interpret them and relay that information to others. While there are clairaudients with inner hearing, there are also clairaudients with outer hearing, who are able to essentially hear messages from an outside source and then pass them on. If you’re wondering what your spirit guides are trying to tell you, a clairaudient can use his or her gift to receive these messages.

Now that you have this information, you can consider what kind of psychic is right for your needs. You can browse through a huge marketplace of qualified KEEN psychics to find the perfect psychic for you. Read through their listings and learn about their special gifts, whether they’re psychic mediums, clairaudients, clairvoyants, or empaths, and make sure you get a great reading.

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