Live Event: How to Survive Mercury Retrograde!

How to Survive Mercury Retrograde

Join KEEN and for a special on How to Survive Mercury Retrograde featuring some of KEEN’s top Psychic Advisors. VICTORIA SANDS, MsLisaM, LOVELINE WITH DARREN, and DavidJames will join viewers at a live intimate forum to share tips on getting through Mercury Retrograde unscathed:

• Gain insight into this cosmic event and how it will affect your life

• Learn top tips and tricks to survive Mercury Retrograde

• Create a foolproof plan to avoid undue turmoil and chaos

• Get your question answered by a gifted KEEN Advisor for FREE

Ask them Anything!

The psychic advisors will be answering viewer questions live, so be sure to submit your question for a chance to have it answered for free!

Space is limited. RSVP now to join the event!



A psychic empath since birth, MsLisaM was affected strongly by the emotions of others. Realizing not everyone was open to this gift, her abilities at first seemed like a curs– until she learned how to adapt to her powerful gifts. Since then, MsLisaM has served as a professional intuitive coach for over two decades. She’s certified in Tarot, Angel Readings, and is a Reiki Master. MsLisaM is accredited with the Registry of Natural Intuitives.


LOVELINE WITH DARREN uses his gift of clairvoyance to help people unlock the door to life’s endless possibilities. Specializing in love and relationship advice, his intuitive and powerful guidance helps people solve the difficult problems they face every day. His focus isn’t just predicting what lies ahead, but to provide solutions with direction and guidance to help people live their lives to the fullest every single day.


One of KEEN’s most popular Love and Relationship Psychics, VICTORIA SANDS is blessed with the gift to see images that are beyond the normal reach of the five senses. Using her sixth sense, VICTORIA SANDS has a powerful ability to predict future events, but most especially, going far beyond prophecy. A spiritual guide and teacher who offers insights into some of life’s most difficult challenges, VICTORIA SANDS provides others the tools to make the best decisions for their future.


After a car accident at age 15, DavidJames started to realize that he could predict events and outcomes of situations, in the lives of those around me. Realizing the power of this new gift, he further developed his psychic abilities. For over 20 years, he has been helping people to find their true path in life. He’s helped thousands of clients find their happiness again, in love, finance, career, family issues. DavidJames focuses on helping others get past the obstacles in their lives using a common sense, no nonsense approach.

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