New Year, New Dreams: Enter Our Resolution Raffle!


As 2017 wraps up, we’re taking a look at the past year of our lives in its fullness — the good times, the hardships, the changes, the memories, and most importantly: the lessons we’ve learned. A key to shaping a brighter future is reflecting on our past, taking note of all the lessons that have made us better, and that have made our lives better. We hope to take all that we’ve learned from this past revolution around the sun, and carry it forward into the new year.

With that said, it’s time to put together your New Year’s resolutions! Let’s put our best foot forward in 2018 and be mindful of the goals we hope to achieve over the next year. By taking the time to write down our resolutions, we set in sight the achievements we hope to manifest throughout the year.

New Year’s Resolution Raffle:

What are your New Year's resolutions? Tell us for your chance to be one of 5 lucky winners to receive up to $200 Keen Dollars!


1 RUNNER UP: $100


Enter through the “Contest” tab at by January 12, 2018!

Happy New Year from Team Keen to you!


  • Lateshia EagleTail said

    1.) My New Year’s Resolution is to build my business in get more donations and Gifts for the Children I provide Habilitaion Service to with Autism as well as developmental disabilities and to help the parent(s). 2) To finally get married to my partne my man my friend Demond Black Thomas and have his Children which he would love for me to give birth to. 3) To continue to be a AMAZING Mother to my Children, Daughter, Sister , Woman and We travel more to see this beautiful and Amazing World GOD has created. 4) To find people who will love to help me open up group homes and start my scubs uniform line.

  • Robin Muniz said

    I will be more self confident and believe in my ability to achieve everything I desire
    I will not allow anxiety or fear to conquer me
    I will be the best version of myself

  • Eileen said

    My New Years Resolution, I am on the road to recovery with all that's happened for over a decade now and I ask the universe for help in all areas of my life to achieve them one day at a time. Release old thought patterns, release negativity, release what no longer serves me and give back to whoever needs my help.

    Thank you and blessings x

  • Jean Ellis said

    My resolution is to have a better year than the year 2016 and 2017. I hope to loose weight from the inflammation due to being hurt at work as well as recover from having been dehydrated, wind burned from autoclave, I have recovered from the rashes and skin coming back on face real well after the wind burn. Also wish for a boyfriend and love come my way and a new Job one with better safety where repairs are done on rooms so no one gets hurt.

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