Your NYE Kiss’ Style According to Their Sign


It’s almost 2015. The year Marty McFly visited in Back to the Future II. Can you believe it? Neither can we. 

And with this fast approaching holiday, you have to make sure your midnight kiss ends this year with a bang—and helps bring some fireworks to the year ahead! If you’re looking for some hints as to what your New Year’s Eve kiss’ kissing style has in store, check out what their sign’s kissing style suggests! Happy New Year, everyone!

Aries: An Aries is firm and passionate. They’ll take the lead and most likely initiate. So expect some dominant energy and intensity. (Don’t forget the chapstick!)

Taurus: A Taurus is known for her or his sensuality. Once your lips meet, you’ll be wanting more and more.  

Gemini: A Gemini is light-hearted and silly. Expect some short and spontaneous kisses throughout the night, with just a touch of awkward playfulness!

Cancer: Sensitive through and through, the Crab’s kiss will be either aggressive or affectionate. It can even be both. In any case, it will be good! Pucker up and enjoy!

Leo: Ferocious in everything they do, your kiss with the Lion will be deeply passionate and full of romance. Whether it’s your 100th date or 1st, they’ll kiss as if they’re madly in love.

Virgo: A Virgo is sweet and warm, and will likely allow you to set the vibe. They’ll eagerly follow where you lead, so make that kiss a good one.

Libra: The elegance of the Libra is unmatched. Don’t expect this kiss to go beyond PG-13. No tongue, but filled with emotion and guaranteed to tantalize.

Scorpio: If you’re surrounded by guests in a room, don’t expect anything other than a brief peck on the lips. But if you are alone [earmuffs, kids!] don’t be surprised if you both end up in bed.

Sagittarius: Be prepared for some mild groping (it’s like a massage, really). A Sagittarius will get right to the action. Just kick back and let those lips relax. 

Capricorn: While a Capricorn may be sarcastic and serious at times, you can definitely expect a kiss with the utmost passion and class.

Aquarius: Your semi-aloof Acquarius may not bode well for NYE. Prepare yourself for the minimum amount of affection or PDA with this kiss.

Pisces: If you’re with a Pisces this NYE, you can expect your kiss to be magical and touching. 

Want to learn more about your New Year’s Kiss? Speak to one of our psychic advisors who will be able to fill you in on everything you need to know about your special someone – or someone-to-be!

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