Advice From Spirit on Attracting Romantic Relationships

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by Keen Advisor: Live The Light

After a long day of readings I want to share a piece of advice that comes through from spirit about increasing the potential of attracting romance. We have to be careful about lumping all men or women into negative categories; whether that be through our thoughts, words, or emotions.

Are there partners who have been unfaithful? Yes.

Are there partners who are insecure, move too fast, and don’t allow relationships to grow naturally? Absolutely.

Are there people who simply want to play the field and have no intention of having a commitment? Totally.

But there are also men who want a relationship and are looking for a someone to build a legacy with. There are women who are confident, kind, and willing to take their time connecting with a great person. Those men and women exist in all age groups, races, and nationalities, but we have to be open to the idea that they do exist.

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We have all been hurt, betrayed, or blindsided in former relationships, but it is important to not let those relationships make us bitter. Those partnerships came into our life for a reason, and we must discover the reason so that we can heal, grow, and move on.

If you have trouble envisioning yourself in a loving partnership, begin to look for examples of it in real life. Talk to elderly couples who have been happily married and ask them their secret. Talk to couples with growing families who really do emote a sense of joy, and ask them about their take on connecting with a great partner. They probably won’t talk about perfection, but they will tell you what it takes to make it work.

Finally, go out and build a life! A life you love. Build your business, develop your mind, take care of your body, and honor your spirituality. These things will not only build up your self-esteem they will also give you discernment and allow you to spot the sincere people when they show up.

Experiences do not need to be forced when they are truly for you. So, live your life and allow what is for you to flow in naturally. What is meant to last will stay.

About the Author:

Nicole (Advisor Live the Light) Is a psychic, medium, and intuitive. She specializes in readings on love and relationships & helping people strengthen their intuition. She has been reading and teaching professionally in the US and abroad for many years.

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