Detox Your Way to Self-Love

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by Keen Psychic Advisor: PandoraP

Self-care & self-love is the way to happiness. In order for someone to be good for others they must first be good to themselves. What do I mean by this? I mean that you need to care for yourself in the way that you care for others (at least that well). Before you begin letting happiness and self-love into your life, you must let go of anything toxic that may be weighing you down. Let go of the negative energy, and start detoxing your life!

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Detox Your Body

There are many ways that one can engage in self-care on a daily basis. Easy ways to do this can start in the shower every morning, take an extra 5 minutes to add salt to your body wash and scrub from head to toe in order to exfoliate and detox the skin. The salt also clears your energy and prepares you for your day. After your shower, take another few moments and apply lotion, really being aware of how it feels to be touched and how soft your skin is after the salt scrub. Appreciate yourself!

Detox Your Diet

Throughout your day, you can also incorporate self-love techniques into your diet. Preparing healthy food for yourself instead of going to a restaurant is one of the best ways to give back to yourself. Organic foods are more easily absorbed by your body and transformed into energy faster! When we have more energy through food, we are supporting our bodies, clearing up thinking and balancing our emotions. Something I like to think about to help myself with this is to eat the rainbow! Each day, eat a fruit or vegetable in every color of the rainbow. You will notice a change in you overall health, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical!

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Detox Your Friendships

One of the best ways to love yourself is to be aware of who and what you allow to affect you. Remembering to only allow positive people into your daily experience makes life better. Detox your group of friends and only keep the ones who lift your spirits, rather than the ones who drain you. We all have at least one person in our lives who calls and does nothing but talk about themselves, complains constantly and is inconsolable. Start to recognize how you feel when talking to this person or rather, listening to them. Do you feel as if you are under attack? Are you feeling all of their negative emotions? After the call do you feel like you need to just shut out the world? These are all signs that your interaction with this person is not benefiting you at all. Time to remove them. Your heart and soul will be lighter! If this is a family member who you absolutely cannot remove from your life, you can redirect the conversation. Start asking them questions like, “What was one good thing that happened to you today?”. It is all about what you choose to allow. Be kind to yourself and surround yourself with people who lift your spirits and make your heart happy!

Being mindful of these small changes creates a happy life, one filled with love of self and build your resources so that you have more love to give!


About the Author:

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