Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day

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by Meta-Psychic

There is a lot of pressure in our society and culture to be with a partner. Many people seem to be mesmerized by a romantic love mythology that can prevent true spiritual healing.

 “He or she will make me whole.”

No person can fill your cup for you. You are responsible for yourself and your own happiness. Even if someone else could hold you up, don’t you think it better to stand and walk on your own two feet, next to someone else or alone?

The love and acceptance you need most in the world is your own. No matter how well people love you and treat you, if you do not accept and nurture yourself, you will not feel accepted and you will not be able to accept love from others. Fill your own cup and others will be drawn to you.

He or she will fulfill all of my needs”

It is a dangerous assumption that one other person can fill all your social and emotional needs. That amount of pressure will create fissures in even the best of relationships. We are social beings. For optimum growth, development, and self-knowledge, we need many perspectives from the people (and animals) we love and respect.

The hope is to find someone who gives you what you need in a relationship, but not necessarily all you desire. Do not confuse what you need with what you want. They can be very different things. Often, we desire things that hold us back, limit, harm or us in one way or another.

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Getting what we need can also look nothing like what we want or expect. Sometimes we want to be comforted but we need to be encouraged to stand tall and be strong.

Love comes in many forms through a multitude of actions and words. You cannot demand the kind of packaging love comes in, but you can decide whether you will accept it.

 “Things will be so much easier when I meet the one, my soulmate, my twin flame, the love of my life.”

Easier is not necessarily better. The best things in life come from hard work, effort and a willingness to try. Growing in love is no different. Don’t let it tempt you to fall.

We are here- on this particular plane, in this particular form of being in all of our existence, to learn, to experience, to grow, to evolve and to love.

Love is not easy. That very notion is a myth. (I would recommend reading what Khalil Gibran wrote about the subject in The Prophet– the book lays bare the nature of many things, including love).

In short:

  • Be your own life and light so that you have it to share with the ones you love.
  • Recognize and accept what you need when it is offered, and do not try to micromanage how it comes.
  • Open yourself to the hard work of loving and living and growing.

acn-meta-psychicAbout the Author:

My metaphysical awareness began before memory. My sense of being beyond this physical plane was a given in this moving now. I have practiced, studied, and trained in divination and energetic techniques my whole life for self and universal clarity and healing.

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