The Path to Your Soulmate

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by Keen Psychic Advisor: Lady Celtic

It is within all of us, deep down inside, to love and be loved.

Love, which is the foundation of the Universe, is the most powerful force in the Cosmos and is how Creation occurs.

True Love is Unconditional Love

This means that no matter what the circumstance is, the love never wavers; it is consistent, like a bright light, illuminating the world.


When two kindred Spirits find each other, they become Soulmates due to the purity of their love for each other.

A Soulmate is someone who you have a deep and abiding mated relationship with based on truth and great respect for each other. It is the purest form of love because it includes an emotional, spiritual, and sexual connection which perfectly expresses the uniting of one soul to another.

Your Soul is perfect and complete, it is not half a Soul looking to become completed.  

Every relationship you are in is always advancing or receding- it is never static.

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The Path Towards a Soulmate can take years… 

This is a relationship between two people that is steadily going forward into a deeper telepathic connection, where words are not needed.

A Soulmate relationship cannot be rushed…

It has to go through the stages of meeting, forming a friendship, and taking the time to develop trust and respect for each other.

Love or Lust?

There is the sense during intimacy that you are one body because of the deep sexual connection that is shared. Even though the sexual attraction is powerful, allowing it to be explored too soon can refocus the energy into a physical union only. This is an area where great confusion can occur as infatuation takes the place of love. It can derail the energy for a time.

No relationship can be forced…

It has to be allowed to naturally flow. Expectations can impede the energy. Making demands alters the harmony.

Unconditional Love

The unconditional love and regard for the other allows you to stay centered and aware of your feelings. Your awareness of this wonderful person in your life will unfold from a place of balance and wholeness. They in turn will realize you have no hidden motives because you are transparent and open.

This is the Path towards the Soulmate Connection.

A Soulmate is the greatest gift anyone can receive during their lifetime. This is the one person in your world you can completely lean on, trust in, and rely upon.


About the Author: Lady Celtic has been a Psychic on Keen since 2006. As a 4th generation Psychic, second sight was seen as a normal part of her life since she was a child. She has the ability to make a connection empathically with any situation that concerns you, and has helped many callers guide important relationships back to solid ground.

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