Where is Your Soulmate This Summer?

As the sun gets brighter and the days are longer, the planets of the zodiac continue spinning as they influence life and love down here on earth. No matter the temperature outside, your love life is cool or hot depending on how well the planetary activity is interacting with your zodiac sign. Add to this the complicated nature of relationships in general and the horoscope of a potential partner, and you have the makings of a complicated season in the sun.

The position of the planets will influence your ability to attract and keep a partner. Now that school is out and the sun is up, read below for your zodiac sign to speed up the search and attract that summer soulmate.


Look for love on the beach. If you are seeking a long-term and serious partnership, you will have to invest time into your tan. Only then will Mister Right be rubbing that sunscreen on you. Plan for a long winter’s nap with the man you deserve.


Your summer workout routine might be a little heavy on the gym. Your need to keep fit and hold off the pounds is balanced by meeting a cute candidate to be your personal trainer 24/7. If that doesn’t get you on the treadmill, nothing will.


If you spend your summer in the part of your city where the cool kids put up their street art, you could meet your spray paint Romeo this summer. Don’t be shocked that he only comes out at night, but stick around and you two might see daylight as a pair.


Touristy places attract big crowds and your summer soulmate is just a face in the crowd. At least until your eyes meet. He might be woozy and appear hesitant to make the first move.


If you have a summer job or hobby you are pursuing, a like-minded hunk could start of as your rival and end up as your loyal subject. Leo is a royal sign that likes to give orders, but you can follow too, at least to get things started.


His foreign accent could melt your heart and lead to a summer passion. Whoever knew that being a tourist would entail so much conquest? The romance might be as fleeting as his next flight so protect your heart.


Passion can be addictive. A summer soulmate might have a side to his life that you did not initially know about or suspect. Certain revelations may put a damper on your fun in the sun and you will be forced into a confrontation you did not ask for.


Finding a soulmate for life is a strenuous task. The Scorpio default position is to withhold affection in tense moments, but the friction you feel from your summer love might require an aggressive push on your part.


Your daily routine might suddenly include a flirtatious new someone. Seize the opportunity to hone your interpersonal skills. Look at this new man as a wedge between the old you and a new dating universe opening up. If it ends, what you learn will lead to bigger and better things.


A passionate summer awaits you with an old flame or someone who reminds you of an idealized lover from long ago. You might start assigning your old boyfriend’s personality onto a new romance interest; this might raise or lower your expectations of what your summer soulmate can do for you.


A summer indoors is not so bad if you have the right person with whom to cuddle. Circumstances will keep you out of the sun and this indoor world may produce a passionate partner. If you are set up on a blind date by a friend, go!


Hiking is good for the soul, good for the body and great for meeting a single guy who will help you get out of the woods of loneliness. Becoming one with nature this summer will lead you into the arms of someone around whom you can be yourself.

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