Chinese New Year, Year of the Dog


The upcoming Chinese New Year begins on February 16th and 2018 is the Year of the Dog. Man’s benevolent and selflessly loyal best friend has a lot in store for you this year, and learning about it may just tip the scales of life in your favor. This year, your fate and fortune will be directly tied to the energy you expend making it, so be prepared to roll up your sleeves. The Year of the Dog 2018 is a year of challenges, changes, and hope. Few things will appear simple from the start, but once you get yourself going, it gets easier to continue.

This Year Of The Dog Explained

The Year of the Dog 2018 is a brown earth dog year. Now, while we won’t trouble you with a full Chinese zodiac review here, this specific distinction is important to understanding the impact the Year of the Dog will have on you. The brown earth dog is a wild dog associated with mountains and the Yang earth. The mountains, in this case, represent potential challenges that will likely be numerous this year, with the caveat that once scaled, you will be truly rewarded. A wild dog needs his wits and persistence to survive, and those traits will be very important in staying out of trouble. The earth also imparts a stabilizing factor that signifies success as long as you stay the course. In short, this year will not be easy, but you will gain more than your fair share of just rewards if you persevere in the face of challenges.

Good Fortune In The Year Of The Dog

If you are hoping for good fortune during the Year of the Dog, you are in luck, provided you are not too lazy to expend some effort for it. Before the habit of pampering pooches took such precedence, our furry friends had to work for their food and this Year of the Dog aims to return to its roots. For risky financial ventures, you should be discerning in your decisions, and then follow up with hard work. Remember, this is not the year for you to sit back and allow your plans to drive themselves; a dog asleep cannot protect his owner’s investment. Having said that, you should trust your instincts and not take on more than you can handle at once.

If you’ve already begun slipping in your resolution to have a healthier start to 2018, the Year of the Dog may be just what you need to renew your determination. By all accounts, this is the ideal year to start purging your unhealthy habits and working toward a healthier you. If the positive outlook for effort expended simply isn’t enough to get you moving, the consequences for failing to do so certainly might. Unfortunately, those who neglect to take heed of their current health issues can expect them to spiral out of control into a state far worse. If you’re really set on getting the best out of this year, feng shui can be the puzzle piece you are missing. Consider consulting a Keen advisor for a feng shui reading to get you all set up for the Chinese New Year.

Things To Watch In The Year Of The Dog

Not all things are fated to go well this year. As mentioned earlier, this is, in fact, a year of challenges and, despite the good fortune that awaits for those who tackle them, it’s important to know what to expect. You should be careful with your social relationships this year because they can very easily slip into negativity. Some may attempt to take advantage of your blind trust and complete devotion; avoid falling into this trap by remaining watchful and discerning. Patience and empathy will be paramount in keeping the bickering down and avoiding snapping at your loved ones. Loneliness is set to be both frequent and bitter this year if you make the mistake of driving away your friends and family.

Selfish behavior is uncharacteristic of the dog and can result in bad fortune and permanently ruined relationships. Even your unselfishness needs to be kept on a leash as the selfless dog may be loyal to a fault, but that certainly doesn’t mean he is always happy! Keeping yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy so that you can help others is not a selfish action. Do not let others shame you into neglecting what must be done. Be on the lookout for big changes, both in your own life and in society as a whole. 2018 will not be just another year for you, it will be the year you see fruits for all of your honest labors.

Getting A Proper Start

If you’re dreading a long list of tedious preparation to get ready for the start of the Year of the Dog, you’ll be pleased to know it doesn’t exist. Dogs are generally carefree and happy and they always play like it might be their last chance. Now is the time to get your full enjoyment out of life and leave the planning and responsibilities for when you’re prepared to tackle them. This year, life will not be particularly kind to you if you take breaks from your goals or give up on challenges. Therefore, it is paramount you only start when you’re ready to go. Do what makes you happiest, seek out new friends, and build yourself into a mindset focused on achievement. The hard days will come sooner than you think, but now is the time for play.

This Chinese New Year, Year of the Dog will be as interesting as it is rejuvenating. The promise of big changes in the world around us is creating a palpable force of energy and excitement. Blessings await those who take advantage of their strengths and stop living a life dictated by their weaknesses. Embody the tenacity, loyalty and bravery of the dog and you may well share in the good fortune in store for him this year. We wish you a happy and prosperous Year of the Dog.

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