How Changing Your Habits Can Change Your Life

by Psychic Jedi

As we grow and learn, we create a vibration that moves us through our day. This cycle creates a pattern that we tend to get stuck in. Oftentimes we are totally unaware of these patterns we create.

We are really creatures of habit which gives us a sense of security in our lives. The universe doesn’t judge it as to whether it is good or healthy for us. It responds to what we send out from within ourselves. It is just energy. Once we seem to step into a situation of events that creates a destructive pattern in our lives, it seems really difficult to change it and return to a healthier pattern of behavior.

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This creates a vibration and pattern of a destructive cycle. Everything seems to get better and bam! We are right back to feeling down and feeling defeated, creating the same events over and over. No matter how much we say “enough is enough” it is difficult to change this. What a lesson this is to learn. Most everyone gets to that point and tends to change everything at once. Well, that is certainly a heavy load to carry. This also sets us up for defeat and more depression and beating ourselves up about failure etc. Gets to be a boor, right?

So how about we take it in baby bites to change this vibration? Remember we are not trying to change your entire life pattern. We are trying to change the vibration that we resonate with within ourselves. This is like a giant magnet that attracts all things to us. So let’s begin by breaking that cycle by changing just one little habit we have. Let’s say we buy a cup of coffee every Tuesday morning.  Changing your habits is as simple as choosing to not buy that cup of coffee for once. That is not such a big deal, right? Easy to do, but this one little thing begins the chain of events that change that vibration within which changes everything. It is the simple things that matter.


About the Author:

Psychic Jedi’s earliest memories are of spirits around her. She grew up with a sense of these spirits around her and communicated with them throughout her life. This is the channel she uses to guide others. The clearest messages come when it is needed the most in any situation whether it is finding someone or a relationship.

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