Micromanaging Miracles

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In our quest to have miracles come true, we sometimes try to “micromanage” the outcome. However, just as in a business situation, when it comes to psychic readings and our lives, micromanagement simply does not work and it can actually be downright counterproductive.

Know the Difference Between Manifestation and Obsession

“Over focusing” on a particular goal can actually cause an outcome to be extended or delayed. Instead of focusing on a predicted promotion, a daily inquiry into what the boss feels about you or your work will not only drive you crazy, it will cause you to lose focus on the real outcome – the job that was predicted. You get trapped in a circle of minor details instead of moving forward to the big picture (or outcome).

Ask yourself how getting into your boss’s head everyday for the past 2 months has helped you to get a promotion. Are you still at the same desk, doing the same work, without any mention of an opportunity? The universe is pretty clear in its signal as to when the timing is right for you to move up.

We can manifest objects, situations and non-specific people into our lives, but we cannot manifest or manipulate other people. This is actually a good thing – after all, how would we like having someone manipulating our free will through his or her manifestations?

That Darned Free Will Thing!

Many people will request a reading about a situation involving another individual or group of people. As much as we would love for some people in our lives to become robots and do what we say and on our timeline, the reality is that others have their own minds, feelings and bodies and they will choose to do what they want with them.

When it comes to psychic readings and everyday life, people will very rarely work around another’s deadlines and time schedules. You probably have a friend who when asked to meet you at the train station, no matter how hard you try, will show up 10 minutes late every time. The same type of free will occurs with psychic readings. Lets say that Christy calls for a reading to find out if Jack will ask her out. If the reader sees that Jack will eventually ask Christy on a date, it will more than likely happen. If Christy demands he ask her out that week, there really is no guarantee that it will pan out that way, because Jack may not be working on Christy’s schedule.

Sometimes a reading may not happen as originally seen because the person inquired about by the client simply changed his or her mind.

Timeframes Are a Guideline, Not a Deadline

The highest success rate for readings are those with clients who accept timeframes as guidelines and who don’t try to push for an outcome. In these cases, results generally occur in a few weeks or even a few days after a prediction is made. When the reader sees timeframes as being extended, it is usually caused by some coincidental event. Perhaps the person of interest undergoes a root canal or wins a trip to Tahiti that delays contact. For clients who try to push up timeframes by contacting their desired date instead of waiting as per the reading, the delay is often caused by that action.

Accept the Truth of the Situation and Be Honest with Yourself

Is the object or person you want to be in your life in line with your highest good? A client may desire to be with a particular person so much that he or she has already planned out the rest of his or her life with that person. And what the client tells the reader about the situation just doesn’t seem to “fit.”

The reader may see something completely different between what the client says about the situation and what is seen in the reading. It may turn out that the client has been dishonest about what is really happening. The person the client is in love with may not reciprocate the same feelings. Sometimes, as diplomatic and as gentle as the reader attempts to be in letting the client know this, the client refuses to listen. Instead, the reading style is angrily criticized and the client promptly hangs up.

No matter how hard it is to hear the “truth” of a situation, or a different perspective of one’s situation, it is always helpful for a client to take it into consideration. If you, the client, do not like what is being said, instead of getting heated, put it on the back burner and return to it during a calmer state of being. Without regard for the accuracy, it can actually help you to plot out a better course of action for the goals that you want to achieve.

The Fine Details Really Aren’t That Important… Really!

The fine details of a reading, such as “When will he call?” or “Will we meet up this week?” are really not that important in the grand scheme of things and should really serve no purpose other than as checkpoints to the bigger picture. The final outcome can be seen and focused on, even if the road getting there changes or is extended.

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