The History of Candle Magick

by Keen Advisor: Adored Angel

Angel Magick candle rituals allow you to tap into a mighty power for manifesting, healing, and answering prayers.  Candles are one of the best divination tool for focusing your mind on positive intentions.  When you stare into a candle, you can concentrate on your desires more easily. An important note – When working with candles, it’s crucial to maintain a clear mind-set.  It’s also vital to conduct your prayers and put forth your intentions from a place of love, so we implore you never to practice angel magick candle ceremonies while angry or resentful. Your intentions are the most important ingredient when working with candles.

The history of Candles in Spiritual Practices

Archaeologists have found evidence of candle holders in Egypt dating back to the 4th century B.C.E.  The abiliy to carry fire and light was very important discovery in the history of civilization, and ancient Egyptians produced the first known candles by dipping reeds into animal fat.  Once the task was accomplished with these crude candles, it was deemed important to extend the burning time.  Early humans found that wood fibers could be twisted into wicks to prolong the fire.

The candles used in ancient Rome for religious purposes were made of woven vegetable fibers dipped in tallow, wax, or other resinous substances.  Until the 15th century C.E.  all of the candles in the Catholic Church were forms from beeswax which is a type of odorless solidified kerosene.  This is particularly useful for scented candles, as paraffin typically burns without black smoke and has none of the odor associated with beeswax.  Most households, temples, and churches use candles.  This relatively simple piece of technology is as much alive today as it was in ancient eras.

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You have only to look at the common birthday cake to realize that the candle will be with us in ritual practices for a long time to come.  Candlelight ceremonies typically have a more solemn and dignified feel than our day-to-day gatherings.  Thomas Edison once bragged that the electric lightbulb would be come so prolific that only the rich would buy candles.  Little could he have for seen the hundreds of religious families who are voracious consumers of candles regardless of their economic backgrounds.  It’s not really all that important if the candle is being used for a Jewish festival-of-lights ceremony, a Catholic prayer, or a Wiccan process—the candle knows no artificial boundary…it simply does its job.


About the Author:

Adored Angel (Desiree Szabo) is an angelic interpreter who sheds gentle light on life’s toughest problems. Her background as a psychic is formal training as a Master Instructor in Integrated Energy Therapy, and the Healing Angels of the Energy Field. She has been practicing her work since early childhood. Her specialty is helping you to see the light, through prayers, healings, cellular angelic energy and angel card readings.

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