How a Tarot Reading Can Predict Love in Your Future

tarothand.jpgDo you want to know how your future is looking? The illustrated history of your past, present and future life appears in a Tarot reading. Tarot is perhaps the most revealing indicator of where things are going.

The cards are so good at forecasting because most readings set out with a discussion of the past and present. A Tarot reader must first establish the foundation of where you have been and where you are now before a discussion of the future can take place. A reading that first discusses your current situation in depth – along with its roots – psychically opens your mind to allow the future in with clarity. After a Tarot reading, you can literally see it coming.

There are many variations on how to deal out the cards and then read them. All of these methods have early, middle and late sets of cards. These are divided up into the past, present and future segments. A good reading will focus on making a synergy of where you have been, where you are now and where you are going.

Here are some classic cards of the deck to look out for and what they mean when they are in different positions.

Every girl wants to see this card in her future, but the goal should be to have it in the present. This card represents unity with your soul mate. If it is in the past, you are probably obsessing over a former lover or you have idealized a father figure into an icon that no man will ever be able to top.

This is the big breakup card. When this card is in the past, it only confirm a tragic dumping you suffered. In the present position, it means that chaos currently surrounds you. If you are content and in love, the Tower in the future position indicates at best a move to a new location.

In a man’s reading, this card is powerful and positive. But unless your Tarot reader sees it combining with the other cards in the deck, this card represents an untruthful man in a woman’s life. No matter how fantastic his tales are, you will still be the one footing the bill. You really want this card to stay in the past.

Not exactly a popular card in anyone’s reading, the appearance of the Death Card is much more complex than its name. If you have been alone for a while, Death in the present position indicates that your loneliness may be about to die. In the future position it could indicate that you are in need of making a big relationship breakthrough soon.

This is a card that is based on the medieval Popes and the papal armies they commanded to enforce the establishment. This card indicates the involvement of a man who is established within the social order. This card is a great indicator of a rich boyfriend when it appears in the future position.

Another unpopular card, this is actually a negative manifestation of the Hierophant – in the future position this can indicate a wild bad boy or a bohemian artist. In the past or present, though, it indicates a man in your life with addiction issues who is trying to chain you to his fate.

It should come as no surprise that this Tarot card of indecision represents a man that most women are best advised to avoid. Pot-heads, two-timers and men who use a girl to pass the time but do not truly love her – these and other bums are symbolized by the Hanged Man. In the past and future positions, this is a card that, were it to be named today, would certainly be called The Loser. In the Present Position, this represents a man who is anxious and challenged by life in the moment but may actually have a pure heart and good intentions. One of the most magical readings for a woman in Tarot is when the Hanged Man card in the Present Position is followed by the Empress Card in the future position. This indicates that a man who needs you will spark a relationship that totally fulfills you.

This easygoing card gets a bad rap as it signals a joyous, if impermanent, union. In the past it is the boyfriend you can look back on fondly. In the present it is a flirtatious internet dalliance beckoning you to move thousands of miles away for a one-night stand that you know will never happen. The escape offered here by the Fool is soothing, a fantasy. In the Future Position, the Fool represents a new man in your life who will approach things radically different than you – the frisson of having your world challenged while being in love is one of life’s great, foolish pleasures.

There are four Pages in each Tarot deck, one for each suit: Pentacles, Wands, Swords and Cups. They represent young or youthful men. For a girl who has never had a boyfriend it is quite common to see a Page in her future position. For a woman in her late-20s, though, this can indicate that a partnership with an immature man is about to form.

There are four Knights in each Tarot deck, one for each suit: Pentacles, Wands, Swords and Cups. A knight represents a virile male partner and a partnership that is consummated quickly. In the future position it can indicate that love at first sight might be something about to arrive.

There are four Kings in each Tarot deck, one for each suit: Pentacles, Wands, Swords and Cups. In a woman’s reading the King represents domineering men when they are in the past position – Fathers, bosses, older brothers, etc. In the future position, however, they indicate good fortune at finding a man who takes care of business. In the present position they are the best way for the Tarot deck to assure you to stick with the man you are with.


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