Is He Cheating? The Tarot Deck Knows

is he cheating?

When your Tarot reader lays down the cards in front of you, the answers are all there, just awaiting interpretation. Understanding what your Tarot reader sees will make you more receptive to the message the deck intends to send you.

If you’re worried someone is cheating on you, a Tarot reading is a good way to get a definitive answer. Are you ready to know? Are you really ready to know? Will you admit to yourself if you have been ignoring things? Have you been tolerating infidelity, looking the other way, or setting the tone of the relationship with indiscretions of your own? Facing the truth is no easy matter.

The card that holds the key to a cheater in your midst is The Magician. If you are asking your reader about the man in your life being unfaithful and this card appears, you might consider taking a time out to pawn that engagement ring before you come back to finish the reading.

Why The Magician? In an ordinary Tarot reading, The Magician represents your inner power to make something out of nothing. It is one of the most potent cards in the Tarot deck. If this card appears in a general reading unassociated with the specific question of cheating, it’s a great card to receive. It represents enlightenment in a situation. In a Tarot reading concerning infidelity, it represents your man being more enlightened about how to magically hide something from you.

If your reading features The Magician in the past position you might have to admit that you have known about or suspected hanky panky for quite some time. In your denial, you may have exacerbated his behavior, rewarding him for being a player instead of setting healthy boundaries by forever walking away.

When the Magician card appears in the present position, the affair may be happening at that moment, while you are at your Tarot reading. If the Magician card is in the future position of the Tarot spread, you can bet he is making plans for a hookup. Maybe it is time to play the game of “Oh, was I reading your cell phone texts? I thought it was my phone.” Note: This only works if you have the same mobile phone as your man.

Who is he with? The cards closest to The Magician often tell the story. The suit of Pentacles represents money and a card from this suit next to The Magician represents an affair in the workplace.

A card from the suit of Cups may be the most difficult news to swallow. If a Cups card is touching The Magician in your reading, he may be in love with his new paramour. In this situation, you might be the booty call and that is all. Of course, if that’s true, you should bid him adieu and, if you’re feeling generous, say a little prayer for his new squeeze, who is likely to experience the same fickleness, in time.

When cards from the suit of Wands accompany The Magician card in an infidelity reading, your man is playing around with the aim of trading up. If you have been supporting him, he is looking for a new sugar momma with a bigger bank account. If things between you were more equitable, he may be borrowing from her to keep you materially satisfied.

The Magician and the suit of Swords combine to reveal that he is cheating on you for some sort of revenge. Real or imagined, you do not deserve this sort of treatment. Swords represent communication and getting back at someone is the ultimate retort. Did you cheat on him? Does he think you did? Does he know something about you that you thought was well concealed?

If The Magician card is paired with one of the Tarot’s four Page cards, she is a younger version of you. Knights are cards that represent quick and unexpected arrivals. When The Magician is paired with one of the Tarot deck’s Knight cards, it’s possible he cheated on you with someone with whom he had some instant sexual chemistry; it probably was a fling that did not last.

This can happen when men go out to nightclubs and other pickup hotspots alone. The Knight card is all about the fling. If you feel you deserve better, perhaps you should worry less about making amends and worry more about what he might have picked up and brought home to you.

A Tarot reading that pairs a Queen card with The Magician answers the question of, “Is he cheating on me?” in the affirmative and reveals that the affair might be with someone you know. This is not a signal to play detective; it is a signal to run away, as are all of these Tarot indicators. When your man is sleeping around with your friends or acquaintances it should be a wake-up call that the responsibility of attracting and keeping ethical people in your life is at least partially your responsibility.

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