Manifesting with a Tarot Reader

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As a tarot reader, I often get questions that relate to the future. For example:

  • Is my boyfriend coming back?
  • When will a job call me?
  • When am I getting married and to whom?
  • When will I get money?
  • When do you see me being happy?

The list could go on and on. However, the problem with these types of questions is that they are detached from our situation. It’s as if we want life to happen to us and make everything right without our own participation in making life happen for ourselves. We forget that we have been given the gift of free will and the ability to direct ourselves towards the life we choose. Sometimes, it’s not that we have forgotten, but that we don’t want the responsibility of governing our own lives. If we fail, then what does that say about us?

First off, to get over defeatist thinking, we need to look at life as an obstacle course, rather than a series of failures. Some strong advice that one often hears is, “If you can’t change it, don’t.” However, one can also embrace the advice, “If you want to change it, then do it!”

That’s where manifestation comes in to play. To manifest, means to bring about change or to produce something from thin air. But there are some misconceptions about manifestation. Clients who consult tarot readers about questions like those above sometimes get upset if their advisor cannot manifest the outcome they are seeking. Some clients may honestly feel that advisors have the ability to produce the results they want. Others would probably prefer being lied to as long as the outcome is positive and some just refuse to take responsibility for their own lives.

Tarot readers cannot manifest changes in your life. What they can do is:

  • Help you find out what is holding you back from attaining or achieving your desired outcome.
  • Find the obstacles in your way.
  • Tell you if you are on the right track or not.
  • Look at the energy of the manifesting and get an understanding of the forces you are working with.

Let’s look at a couple of the above questions:

  1. Is my boyfriend coming back?

    No tarot reader can make your boyfriend come back. He will reenter your life only by his own free will. And carefully consider whether or not you really want him back. It’s no fun having a boyfriend around who in his heart of hearts doesn’t truly want to be with you.

    But let’s say, for the sake of argument, that you would like him to return.

    • Look at the energy of the situation, as it exists now.
    • Is he open to coming back?
    • Why do you want him to come back?
    • Look at the breakdown of the relationship.
    • Where did things go wrong?
    • What lesson could you learn from the relationship?
    • Look at whether or not you want the relationship to exist as it was and why. Really search through the whys.
    • What do you want and need in a relationship?

    Now you are at a point that you can manifest your future. Are you still asking, “Is my boyfriend coming back?” Or would you rather ask, “How can I bring about the relationship that I would like to have in the future?” When you ask this latter question, it puts you in control of your situation. You are not dependent on your ex to give you what you feel you desperately need in your life. Embracing the power to manifest the type of relationship you want and need makes a huge impact on your life. You and your tarot reader can still root for your ex to live up to your expectations, but in case he isn’t capable or isn’t interested, there is still room for you to bring the perfect guy into your life, through manifestation.

  2. When will the job call me?

    First off, what have you done to get in touch with the job that you desire? Tarot cards would be better used in this situation for showing:

    • What you need to work on to qualify for the job.
    • What is holding you back from getting a desired position.
    • What is the potential of you getting a particular job.
    • What is the employer looking for in a person.

    Manifestation is about knowing your boundaries, your odds, and what you are up against. Get all your facts together first, then you can manifest the desired outcome.

Now let’s apply the rules of Manifesting:

  1. Know what you want to manifest and why

    Understand your motivations. When you manifest your desires, you need to be aware if they are coming from a place of purity, or neediness, or anger, etc. You want to be in a grounded place. The desires should not reinforce crutches like an excessive need for money, fear, addiction, temptations, insecurities, etc. Be careful what you ask for, as the saying goes – you just might get it! Sometimes you work hard alongside the Universe in order to manifest things into your life that you don’t really want. The repercussions can be unsettling.

  2. Understand the obstacles that hold you back

    Obstacles are things that hold you back and keep you from manifesting your potential. For example, an obstacle could be a mindset that insists you cannot do something. It could be a fear of changing your lifestyle or making a commitment. A fantasy could be an obstacle; perhaps you are missing or ignoring great opportunities because you are off chasing dreams that have no chance of being fulfilled. The sooner you identify the obstacles you are creating, the sooner you can remove them.

    Don’t blame others for not getting what you want. Another person is not an obstacle! All people have free will and move around as they wish. They are not an obstacle and don’t hold you back unless you choose to allow that to happen.

  3. Get any additional information that you need to know

    Seek out guidance, hidden energies or a lesson you need to learn and make sure that what you want to manifest is the right path for you. Perhaps you are not getting what you want because you need to be on another path.

  4. Put a plan into place

    Jot down your intentions and how you are going to achieve them. Brainstorm to come up with various avenues for success. For example, if you want to get your dream job, think of as many ways as you can to achieve this intent. You could volunteer or do an internship. You could plan an elevator meeting or put your resume in the newspaper. You could network and see if anyone you know has a contact in your desired field. Search want ads and visit the company with a presentation in tow.

    Jot down exactly what it is you want to accomplish and then brainstorm your way to the top!

  5. Start Manifesting

    Manifesting is pushing energy into a direction that will produce your desired intent. Pushing energy involves thought, intent and action.

    • Put the thought of what you really want out into the universe; define, see and believe it.
    • State your intent.
    • Take action – take all the ideas you came up with for achieving your intent and act on them.
    • Sit back and forget about your intent for a while; give your manifestation time to work out.

If you need to do a follow up with a reader to see how the energy went out and where it’s going, that’s fine. Keep good and positive vibes going by believing and knowing that it will happen, just as you had intended. And if you run into another stumbling block, contact your tarot reader to explore what is holding you back and put the control back into your life.

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