Justice Reversed Tarot Card


Just as a judge is known for being just and fair, the Justice reversed card is a clear representation of injustice. When this card makes an appearance during a tarot reading, you likely feel as though things are unfair in your life at the moment. While this may purely be your perception, it is just as likely to be true. However, real or perceived, there simply is not much you can do to combat whatever is unjust right now. It is more important for you to focus on how to accept your current situation and how you handle it moving forward. Here is a deeper look into what the reversed Justice card might be trying to tell you when you see this card in a tarot reading.

An Unwillingness to See the Truth

While you might be lying to yourself and others right now, the Justice reversed can see through your dishonesty. You are unwilling to understand the truth of the situation, most likely due to a desire to avoid taking responsibility for your own actions. Unfortunately, this will do you more harm than good. You are missing out on a critical opportunity to obtain a greater understanding of yourself. Take responsibility for your past decisions and failures. It is only just to accept the fair consequences for your actions, as this is the only way you will be able to more forward once again.

A Hard Path Ahead

Sometimes life gives you a hard path to follow, even when you have done the best that you can. If this describes your current struggles, then the reversed Justice may be trying to tell you that this is the right path for you. Yes, it is challenging right now, but there is a reason why the universe has chosen this for you. It will take time for you to fully understand the greater reason behind what you are going through.

Taken Advantage Of

When the Justice tarot card appears reversed, it may be a sign that someone has taken advantage of you. They have used you for their own benefit and left you to handle the consequences. Unfortunately, this situation cannot be changed now. In order to move forward, you must learn a lesson from what happened and make the necessary changes to ensure that it never occurs again.

Money Concerns

The reversed Justice is a signal to be cautious with your money. Watch your finances closely. This is not the time to gamble or make investments. If you have questions about your financial situation, you must be patient, as it will take time for you to discover the answers you seek.

Stop Judging

The judge is known for his judgmental outlook on the world – everything is black or white, right or wrong. But when this attitude is reversed, it is a freedom to simply accept what is. We are often our own worst critics. We spend too much time worrying about whether what we are doing is “right,” that we simply forget to enjoy our current situation. You should view this card as a reminder to be flexible and be willing to bend the rules a little bit.

Stop Worrying

When dealing with hard times, it is very common to worry about everything that is going on. But the Justice reversed may be telling you that it is time to let go of your fears. The situation at hand has reached a stalemate, so your worrying is not accomplishing anything. Redirect your worries into positive energies. A new outlook might be all you need to find the solution to your problems.

It Takes Two

It takes two people to make a relationship. Even though you may feel as though you partner has treated you unfairly, relationship problems are rarely the sole fault of one person. Take a step back to reassess your own role in creating your current difficulties. It will be necessary if you want to work through the problems your relationship is facing.

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Seeking Love

You may feel as though you are ready to be in a romantic relationship, but the Justice reversed suggests otherwise. Long term, serious romantic relationships require a lot of work. While you may believe that you are ready to settle down and commit, you very well may be standing in your own way to finding love. Being a good partner starts by being a strong individual. Find yourself before finding love.

Workplace Injustice

The Justice reversed card may refer to unfair treatment you have received at your work. You may even find yourself taking the blame for the shortcomings of others. Unfortunately, there really is nothing that you can do to change this situation in the short term. If you allow your emotions to get the best of you, it will likely cause much worse problems for you down the road.

Slow down and take the necessary time to think through your options. Before you take any action, get some advice from a trusted confidant – a career psychic reading is an option to consider for this. You need to focus on making the changes that will benefit you the most in the long run. You should also focus on maintaining a healthy balance between life and work. Do not let your work consume you to the point that you are no longer enjoying other parts of your life.

Moderation is the Key

In a health-related reading, the reversed Justice card is a reminder to live in the moment. Maintaining a good balance between the various parts of your life is important for your health. Do not take extreme measures when working to improve your health. When you try to sacrifice too much, you are much less likely to stick with your goals. Focusing on moderation is your ticket to your long-term success in enjoying a healthy and sensible lifestyle.

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