Temperance- Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot

by Keen Psychic Advisor: Empress Tarot


Isn’t this card great? The Temperance card from the Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot by Graham Cameron is No. 14 and is also one of my very favorites. In this deck, the Temperance card depicts an angel/robot with a purple and orange mohawk. She has golden butterfly wings adorned with white stars. Her body is insectoid and has black and white stripes. She sits on the bottom of the ocean (or perhaps it is the river of time) and pours a thick green substance from one container into another. One of the containers is blue, representing water, and the other is red, representing fire. On her forehead is a black arrow pointing upwards. At her feet, a piece from a jigsaw puzzle lies. She is patient and relentless.

Many people associate the Temperance card with the word “patience,” but that’s a very small piece of the picture. The element of Temperance is Fire, but it is notable that the artist situates our angel in water. This card signifies the alchemical process of merging fire and water to produce a new and powerful element- Steam. Forward momentum is the theme here. Temperance is the card of Sagittarius, represented by the upward arrow aimed at the heart. It is also closely aligned with The Lovers, blending as it does, two energies into one. As an ally of The Lovers, Temperance acknowledges the inevitable choices we all must make in life. It recognizes that divergent substances (and people) can blend to create a harmony of purpose and love; we flow through time and space and emerge at the end as something new and different than what we were before.

In other words, we, ourselves, are the wild card in the deck. We are catalysts for change and are charged with returning the missing piece to the puzzle, completing the picture, thereby restoring balance and harmony. Until the pendulum swings again, it’s our turn to repeatedly take the puzzle apart and put it back together in a new pattern.

May your personal journey be filled with light and laughter,



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