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Email Readings by Keen

Email Readings by Keen is a new pilot program that allows advisors on Keen to provide email readings to customers. The main program page can be found at:

Many advisors on Keen already provide email readings to their customers through KeenMail, and we encourage you to take this opportunity to be part of this program and reach more customers with your offering. For advisors that wish to offer an email reading service for the first time, this is a great opportunity to get started and may be an effective way to reach an audience that is looking for an email reading by itself or as a complement to phone readings.

Email Readings by Keen will be set up and managed using the My Groups feature on Keen and will function similar to other groups on Keen (Keen itself will be responsible for the group's marketing and management). The administration fee for this group will be 0%, meaning Keen does not take a Group fee. The standard Keen commission of 43% of any purchases made by customers for Paid Mail does apply.

To participate in this group, advisors must meet the following requirements:

Listing Requirements:

  • Create a new listing exclusively for your email readings service in the Psychic and Astrology Category (it can be in any of the subcategories that are under Psychic & Astrology)
  • After creating your listing, you must always keep your Availability Status to "Offline" and Arranged Call Info to "No, don't let customers request appointments with me" at all times for the listing. This enables users to easily email you through the "send mail" feature.
  • Upload a thumbnail photo.
  • Communicate your specific product offering in the Sales Pitch area. At a minimum you must include price and minimum length of email (i.e. words) along with any other information you'll need (e.g. question, zodiac sign, first names, etc.)
Here is a screenshot with more information about how to configure your listing for this program.

Service Requirements: To be eligible to participate in this program, you must provide a quality email readings product and agree to meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Within one day of receiving a customer request for an email reading via Keen Mail, you must respond with a payment request.
  • Within one day of receiving payment from a customer for an email reading (in response to your payment request), you must provide the email reading(s).
  • Your email reading must be priced at $19.95 or less.
  • Your email reading should be at least 250 words.
  • Check your Keen Mail daily to make sure email reading requests can get answered in the 2 day turnaround time.
Following the requirements above, each advisor may offer a unique and personalized product. For instance, an advisor may offer "2 questions answered (500+ words) for $15.99" or "1 question (250+words) for $9.99". We encourage you to try out different offerings and see what works for you.

Please note that you should not participate in this program if you think you will be unable to meet the minimum requirements for this program.

Below is an example of a listing with the sales pitch information.

Ready to join the Email Readings group?

Follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Create a new listing - Your listing will go through the normal listing acceptance process, subject to a 2-day turnaround time for approval. In creating your listing, our system will require you to put in a "price per minute" which will not be applicable because your listing won't be set to "available, taking calls", however it's mandatory before submitting your listing. For simplicity, we suggest that you enter the price of your email reading (e.g. $19.95) as the price per minute.
  2. Listing is approved - Once your listing is approved, change your availability status and arrange a call information as explained above. Also, make sure all the requirements specified above are met.
  3. Join the Email Readings Group -
How does a customer get an email reading?
To get an email reading, the customer will visit the main email readings pages at They will select their advisor and submit their questions by following these 3 easy steps.

After the customer submits their request for an email reading, there are just a couple basic steps advisors must complete to fulfill an email reading and get paid.

  • Customer payment request: Within one day of receiving a request for an email reading, the advisor will respond to the email reading request via KeenMail with a payment request. This is done by selecting "Payment Request" for "Type of Mail" in the email. As part of the payment request mail, the advisor may also request more information from the customer in order to provide a quality reading e.g. zodiac sign.

  • Email reading fulfillment: Within one day of receiving payment from the customer (in response to the payment request), the advisor must send the customer's email reading via KeenMail.
We emphasize that your input and feedback is welcome and encouraged. We expect to learn so that we can make improvements to the product and program in order to provide the best customer and advisor experience in Email Readings on Keen.

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