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Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Cancer May Horoscope


Jealousy could rear its ugly head on the 3rd, when the Full Moon rises.

The Details

Jealousy could rear its ugly head on the 3rd, when the Full Moon rises. If your partner accuses you of straying, defend your honor. You deserve to be with someone who trusts and respects you. Furthermore, you should be able to have friends outside of your relationship. Are you single? Resist the urge to get involved with a possessive, obsessive love interest. Alluring Venus moves into your sign on the 7th, so attracting romantic attention shouldn't be a problem. Hold out for a mate who is worthy of you.

Affectionate Venus makes a trine to idealistic Neptune on the 16th, which is perfect for going on a date or having a romantic dinner. If you're not in the market for love, turn your attention to a creative project that has a spiritual element to it. Be sure to attend a party on the 17th, when the New Moon will energize your Social Sector. You're sure to meet some interesting people at this gathering. One of your new friends could even develop a romantic interest in you.

A power struggle could break out between you and a loved one on the 21st, due to an opposition between manipulative Venus and oppressive Pluto. This isn't a good time to buy luxuries or go on a shopping spree. Conserve resources to cover mutual expenses. Saving money for the future can keep a relationship on solid ground. A square between Venus and Uranus on the 25th warns against saying anything in anger to a loved one.