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Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Cancer August Horoscope


The New Moon on the 14th could attract a glamorous moneymaking offer. The chance to own more luxuries will be a welcome change of events.

The Details

You may have more time to develop your creative talent on the 1st, when disciplined Saturn moves forward in your Artistic Sector. A trine between Mercury and Uranus on the 2nd favors a public presentation; don't be afraid to make bold and shocking statements as a means to get people's attention. More money for luxuries could become available on the 4th, due to enriching Venus and expansive Jupiter meeting in your Income Sector. A trine between brave Mars and serious Saturn on the 6th makes it a good time to pursue your heart's desire.

Mars enters playful Leo on the 8th, possibly prompting you to enter a contest for a cash prize. Upbeat Jupiter moves into your Learning Sector on the 11th, making it a good time to take a class, master a musical instrument or learn a foreign language. The New Moon on the 14th could attract a glamorous moneymaking opportunity. Accepting this job may allow you to indulge your love of creative comforts on a regular basis. Taking leadership of a creative project is favored on the 19th, when artistic Venus makes a trine to visionary Uranus.

Beware of spoiling a demanding child or romantic interest on the 21st, when the willful Sun makes a square to restrictive Saturn. Good news about an upcoming trip may arrive on the 26th, courtesy of a conjunction between the upbeat Sun and adventurous Jupiter. The Full Moon on the 29th could result in an advanced degree or publishing contract. You might also plan a relaxing vacation.