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Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Cancer July Horoscope


The New Moon on the 15th may tempt you to alter your appearance. Wait a few days before changing your hairstyle or overhauling your wardrobe. It's not a good time for hasty decisions.

The Details

Showcasing your creative talent is strongly favored for the 1st, when the expressive Sun makes a trine to visionary Neptune. Going on a spiritual journey is also favored at this time. An opposition between the wilful Sun and resourceful Pluto on the 6th warns against spending money you don't have. Keep your credit cards at home on this tempting day. A trine between courageous Mars and compassionate Neptune on the 8th may prompt you to stand up for the underdog.

Beware of crossing an irritable authority figure on the 12th. That's when the confident Sun will form a square to unpredictable Uranus. Nobody is safe under this influence. On the 15th, Mars will oppose Pluto, warning against aggressive behavior. If you feel your temper starting to rise, leave the premises and go for a walk. An angry outburst may tarnish your reputation. A trine between the magnetic Sun and accomplished Saturn on the 21st could make it easy to attract romantic attention.

On the 25th, impatient Mars will make a square to impulsive Uranus. Resist the urge to burn bridges. You may need an employer's reference sooner than you think. A changing of the guard could occur at work on or around the 26th, when Uranus goes retrograde. You may be expected to assume some additional duties or cover for an ailing colleague at this time. Arguments about joint finances may erupt on the 31st, due to the Full Moon's hard angle to Mercury. It may be time to renegotiate a financial arrangement.