Cancer Horoscope

Cancer 2016 Yearly Horoscope

Pain could give way to pleasure in 2016. A difficult situation involving your family will come to a head on March 23rd, when a Lunar Eclipse falls in your Domestic Sector. You may find a good school for a child with special needs or arrange home health care for an elderly relative. You might decide your current living situation is untenable and you'll relocate. This break will be difficult but therapeutic.

The fantastic news is that benevolent Jupiter will move into this same area of your chart on September 9th. At that point, you'll find a wonderful living situation that seems too good to be true. Embrace this lucky turn of events with open arms. It's your reward for handling a volatile situation with grace, dignity and intelligence.

Work will undergo a dramatic improvement, thanks to stable Saturn's tour of your Job Sector. Not only should you be able to land a steady position, but there also appears to be a great deal of growth potential here. With Uranus traveling through your Career Sector, you could suddenly get an impressive promotion. Being diligent and reliable will serve you well.

Passionate Pluto continues its visit to your Relationship Sector, adding intensity to any intimate relationship. If you're looking for love, you could find it while attending a professional conference or business trip. Are you single? You may launch a successful business with your partner.

Love and Romance

Intimacy continues to play an important role in your life in 2016. Passionate Pluto is slowly wheeling its way through your Relationship Sector, stirring a deep need to join hearts and minds with someone special. If you're single, you could meet someone special, possibly at a professional conference or on a business trip. You might even cross paths at a political rally or through a social justice movement. Be ready to fall head over heels in love with a charismatic person with powerful leadership skills.

Are you already in a serious relationship? You may choose to strengthen your commitment to your partner. You may decide to make a radical lifestyle change for your mutual benefit, possibly relocating to an area that suits both your goals.

An important turning point on your relationship could occur on August 18th, when a Lunar Eclipse prompts you to put a painful relationship issue behind you, for once and for all. It's also possible you and your partner will repay a debt on this fateful day, allowing you to embark on a more carefree future together. If you've been undergoing a divorce, aim to make a settlement on this day. It will be possible to dissolve your partnership in a civil way that satisfies all parties.

Do you want to get engaged or married? Set your sights on the period between September 24th and October 18th, when loving Venus will be moving through your Romance Sector.

Career and Money

Your work situation may become more stable this year. That's because secure Saturn will be travelling through your Work Sector throughout 2016. Not only will this planet lend a stabilizing influence to your job, but it will also be making a beneficial aspect to electrifying Uranus, which is touring your Career Sector. Consequently, hard work and diligence could result in an impressive promotion. If you want to get ahead, focus on doing the best job you can. Perform every task that has given to you with enthusiasm and determination. Your positive attitude may pay off handsomely.

If you're looking for a raise, the two weeks following August 2nd will be ideal. That's when the New Moon will rise in your Earned Income Sector. The Moon is your ruling planet and has special power in your horoscope. Use its influence to increase your income. Alternatively, you could land a much more lucrative job during this fateful period. If you do join a company at this time, you may stay with it for many years.

You should also pay careful attention to the days surrounding August 18th. That's when a Lunar Eclipse will fall in your Joint Financial Sector. You could receive an inheritance, legal settlement or insurance refund that puts you in a much stronger economic position. It's also possible your business or romantic partner will seal a lucrative business deal, which will put more money in your bank account.