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Cancer Horoscope

Cancer 2015 Yearly Horoscope

This year, you could be pulled between your personal and professional lives, Cancer. A Lunar Eclipse on April 4th may prompt you to relocate quite suddenly. Alternately, sudden changes could occur to your household arrangement. A relative could move in or a roommate may leave. This turn of events could be unsettling, but it may be necessary for your own personal growth. Always remember that whenever one door closes, another one opens. Keep your eyes open for a healthier domestic situation.

Transformative Pluto continues its journey through your Partnership Sector, changing your approach to romance. If you're single, stay away from controlling types that seek to remake you. Look for someone who will appreciate your strengths and accept your weaknesses. Do you have a partner? Try adopting a more assertive stance. Stop pushing your needs aside for your beloved. If that means getting in a confrontation, so be it.

2015 will continue to be a time of professional highs and lows. Disruptive Uranus is continuing its tour of your Career Sector. Unusual opportunities and sudden upsets could keep you on your toes at work. A Lunar Eclipse on September 27th might bring a sudden end to a position, role or contract. Be ready to switch gears.

Financially, things could look up, especially during the first seven months of the year. That's when expansive Jupiter tours your Income Sector. Save as much as you possibly can during this profitable period. Having a nest egg can sustain you during future lean periods.

Love and Romance

Throughout the entire year, passionate Pluto will be touring your Partnership Sector. If you're single, you could fall deeply in love with an influential person. It may be a struggle to maintain your identity when you are together. Never lose sight of your values, dreams and beliefs. While the prospect of becoming a committed couple will be exciting, you shouldn't become a different person to sustain your partner's interest. Set strong boundaries and prepare to defend them.

If you're in a relationship, it could cause you to radically overhaul your lifestyle. Relocating may be necessary if your partner gets a raise or promotion. Alternately, you might have to leave your job to care for a child or ailing relative. It's also possible that you will become the sole breadwinner while your mate goes back to school or recovers from an illness. Be prepared to make some changes to accommodate this union. Are you stuck in a toxic union? Break away now, before you waste any more time on this lost cause. You have more strength than you realize. Summon your courage.

A former love interest may surface when serious Saturn goes retrograde in your Romance Sector between June 15th and September 17th. You might want to think twice before getting involved with this person again. The two of you have a troubled history together that may be impossible to overcome. Instead of getting entangled again, hold out for a relationship with someone who with whom you can build an exciting future.

Career and Money

Restrictive Saturn will be touring your Shared Resources Sector throughout most of 2015. The first period of scarcity may occur between January 1st and June 14th. Getting a bank loan, seed money or scholarship may be especially challenging. If you need such assistance, send out a slew of applications from June 15th through September 17th, when Saturn will slip out of this portion of your natal horoscope chart. On September 18th, these resources could become scarce again. Be cautious with your money and try putting a portion of each paycheck into savings.

Fortunately, generous Jupiter will be touring your Earned Income Sector between January and August 10th. This will help you cover bills, but understand that your financial situation could change. While you may not lose your job, you might have to support your romantic partner or relative while they undergo financial difficulty. There's a strong possibility you may be the sole breadwinner in your home for at least part of 2015.

Erratic Uranus continues its tour of your Career Sector, leading to dramatic highs and lows on the job front. If you're a free agent, you may experience periods of feast and famine. Learning not to worry about your financial future may be your greatest challenge. You can keep anxiety at bay by being as frugal as possible throughout 2015, so you'll always have a little money in the bank. Acquiring cutting edge technical skills can greatly improve your job prospects. Don't allow yourself to become obsolete during this time of rapid change.