Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Virgo February Horoscope


The 6th is perfect for planning a dream vacation. Take this opportunity to request time off from your job.

The Details

Conciliatory energies will be strong on the 3rd, making it a good time to resolve problems at home. Your heightened allure on the 5th paves the way for romance. Plan an exciting vacation on the 6th; make sure to notify your boss about your trip. Dating and relating will be successful on the 7th; if you're single, you could meet someone special under this flirtatious influence.

The New Moon on the 8th warns against extreme health regimens. When it comes to getting stronger, slow and steady wins the race. Avoid crash diets and punishing exercise routines. Showcase your artistic talent on the 9th, when you'll find a receptive audience for your work. Mercury changes sign on the 13th, attracting some lucrative freelance work. It will be a good time to earn some extra money.

Venus moves into another sign on the 16th; this may be the best opportunity all year to get a makeover or go on a clothes shopping spree. The expressive Sun switches signs on the 18th, giving an added tenderness to close relationships. The Full Moon on the 22nd warns against making big decisions without consulting a romantic or business partner. The resourceful energy of the 25th is perfect for refinancing a home loan or negotiating a real estate deal. The 26th could bring sudden news of a financial windfall; prepare for a happy surprise. Schedule a special date on the 28th, when you'll be in perfect sympathy with a love interest.