Virgo Horoscope

Virgo 2016 Yearly Horoscope

It may be easy to get the recognition you desire this year, since expansive Jupiter will be touring your Image Sector. Commanding romantic attention could be a snap. If you have your own business, you'll find it easy to garner favorable publicity for your work. Are you in the performing arts? A role of a lifetime might be awarded to you during the first eight months of the year. Take advantage of this trend, since it is as rare as it is beneficial.

You may decide to revamp your image sometime between August 30th and September 21st. That's when Mercury, your ruling planet, goes retrograde in Virgo. You may have to revise or redo a project. It's also possible you will change the logo of your business or alter your appearance in some way. Whatever you decide, you should be pleased with the results. You'll get some help from the Solar Eclipse on September 1st although bee aware that your family may be uncomfortable with this transformation at first. They'll prefer the old you, but you'll be excited about the change.

Domestic responsibilities will play a greater role in your life. You might decide to leave work to take care of a small child or elderly relative. Buying or selling a piece of property could be more challenging than you anticipated. It may be necessary to relocate for the sake of your career or that of your partner. Stay positive and be good to yourself.

Love and Romance

Your love life continues to assume an idyllic quality, thanks to dreamy Neptune's journey through your Relationship Sector. If you have a partner, compassion and sympathy will flow freely between you. Are you single? You could meet your soul mate at a spiritual or artistic gathering. Keep your eyes open for someone wearing distinctive footwear. There could be a fairytale aspect to this romance.

Two eclipses may have a significant impact on your romantic life. The first is a Solar Eclipse that occurs on March 8th. Are you in a relationship? You and your partner could conceive or adopt a child around this time. Alternately, the two of you may decide to go on a trip around the world. It's also possible you could get engaged or married. If you're single, you might fall head over heels in love with an extremely creative person who puts you in touch with your sensual side.

On September 16th, a Lunar Eclipse may cause some conflict. You may have to confront a relative who has been less than supportive of your partner. It may be necessary to move to a different place to accommodate your needs as a couple. It's even possible you will get therapy for an issue from childhood that is undermining your love life. Be open to confronting problems before they spiral out of control. 2016 gives you the opportunity to establish a loving bond that lasts a lifetime.

Career and Money

Be aware that a source of money could dry up around March 23rd, when a Lunar Eclipse brings an end to a certain business venture. You might leave a job or be downsized. If you are offered a buyout package, it would be wise to accept. Use your time off to formulate new career plans and do some traveling. You've always been very security conscious. Take this opportunity to be a little more spontaneous. In 2016, the only thing you have to fear is fear itself.

Just when your reserves start to dwindle, an inheritance, legal settlement or dividend may be awarded to you. This windfall will come courtesy of a Lunar Eclipse in March, which falls in your Joint Income Sector. If you have a business or romantic partner, they might sign a business deal that indirectly benefits you. Either way, you'll be relieved to see your bank account flush with cash again.

Starting September 9th, a regular paycheck could arrive. That's when beneficent Jupiter enters your Earned Income Sector. Landing a high-paying job, getting a raise and earning a handsome commission are all possible. Chances for getting a terrific raise are strong between August 30th and September 23rd. That's when prosperous Venus will bestow gifts on any Virgo that chooses to increase their income.