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Heart Path
Heart Path
Intuitive Energy Healing to Promote Well-being
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Intuitive energy healing to remove blocks and balance and restore energy. Can be applied to any area of concern.
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Skills & Methods
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Aura Cleansing
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Chakra Cleansing
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As an empath/intuitive and tarot reader, I have been doing professional psychic readings for 20 years. Approximately six years in, I was led to expand my offering to include intuitive energy healing.

It wasn't a conscious decision that came from an intellectual thought to become a healer; rather, it was an organic expansion of what I was already doing that was guided from within.

Years later, I became a certified Reiki Master and studied many different energy healing modalities including Access BarsĀ®, EFT (emotional freedom technique), Quantum Entrainment and the like; but, even with this external knowledge my approach to energetic healing has remained the same---completely intuitive, organic and personalized, and as such doesn't follow any specific tradition or modality set forth by another.
Approach to Topics
Intuitive healing sessions work to remove blocks and to balance and restore a person on an energetic level. They can help with virtually any issue one is facing whether physical, emotional, financial, or those dealing with relationships. Energy work can also be beneficial for pets and places (house, place of business, etc.)

Some of the processes I do include aura cleansing/recharging, chakra cleansing/recharging, cord removal, grounding, and space clearing/recharging.

When it comes to specific issues you want to address, I am intuitively guided to the areas in your energetic field that need to be worked on and which processes or types of light energy that is needed.

For best results, please make sure you have enough time to complete the process(es) without interruption and that you are in a quiet environment and able to relax during the session.

Everyone is different, but in my experience, most of the people I work on notice improvement within 24-48 hrs. How quickly and to what extent depends on the individual's receptiveness and how severe the issue is (some issues need multiple sessions).

If you'd like to arrange a call (preferred) or schedule an appointment, the best time to reach me is 12pm-4pm and 11pm-1am central time.

Please note that I am not a physical or mental health professional, and while many people have reported positive results from my energy sessions, I cannot guarantee what type of results you may have personally. If you are taking medications and/or are under the care of a physical or mental health professional, you should continue to do so unless your care giver instructs otherwise.

DISCLAIMER: Energy services provided by Heart Path are
provided for adults 18+ and intended for informational, experimental, or entertainment purposes only.
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