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Crystal Angel Mia
Crystal Angel Mia
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Challenged in love? I see into the secrets of the heart. Let me look into yours and your loved one's and bring you together!
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"The fact that you are reading this is is a sign that we were meant to work together. There are no accidents in the Universe and you are listening to your internal compass.
Many have wondered if we have met before. How else can I know what I know about them? All I can say is that it is a gift, a gift I was born with that I have had all of my life, to empower the lives of others and help you create the life you always wanted to live.
Approach to Topics

Will my love come back?
Will we heal our argument?
Will I ever find true love?
A consultation with me will answer these questions and more. I use my Clairvoyant and Empathic gifts to explore your relationship challenges.

With an MA in Psychology and being a Life Coach, I have 23 years experience tapping into heart energies with my intuition, spirit guides, and the wisdom of the Tarot. I am here to help and guide you on your path to love and resolving its conflicts. I can answer all questions and give tools to empower you to handle a lovers' quarrel or mend a broken heart.

I've brought this gift to an entirely new level. Call and experience a different level of understanding and guidance by giving you stimulating and awaking insights a new perspective on seeing your current situation which will cause you to shift your energy thereby experiencing a different outcome or result in all areas of your life!

I will show you how to maintain a consistent state of Joy, Happiness, and Abundance I will help you get back in touch with your instincts, which will help you create the life you would love to live.

I look forward to serving you!

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