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Jasmine Scott
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How will our new Lunar Cycle affect you in love, money, career ? 2020 holds 6 Eclipses and a Nodal Shift, big changes are coming, find out how they will affect you. Make the best of what is coming and learn what you need
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Destiny/Life Path
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Skills & Methods
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Astrology – Vedic
My background in spiritual work starts with Western Astrology, I have studied for over 25 years. I am able to look at compatability and sustainability of a couple together utilizing a composit chart. My Readings focus on how a couple will navigate the twists and turns of life together. I had 2 astrologers in my family and was aware of my intuitive abilities through them. Since I was a child I was highly aware of the emotions of others and could almost hear the thoughts of others and thought this was normal, as I got older I could predict events to happen, I actually saw them in my minds eye and they all started with a feeling and an incident that would parallel what was to come. As I paid more attention to the patterns of intuitions and subsequent events that have unfolded through the years I did realize this did not happen to everyone and I actually had an ability. I use my abilities to help others now in their life. I am also a spiritual guidance counselor, tarot reader, and energy worker and have enhanced my repertoir with becoming a hypnotherapist specializing in guided imagery. Well studied in tarot, I read Rider Waite, Lenormand and French Sabillas. Tarot is a gift and an enigmatic art that requires intuitive abilities and sensory perception beyond what is normal. I have sharpened my craft with mindful meditation and experience. Always learning, I have deep knowledge of the decks I use. A reading utilizing tarot, astrology & my intuitive ability is what I offer and my goal is to deliver your messages from Spirit which are in keeping with your highest good.
Approach to Topics
My approach to a reading is to convey a transcendent level of knowledge about your divine connection and what purpose it serves in your souls evolvement. I do need a specific question, or the reading will be vague & aimless, also allow enough time for a connection ( this is done by asking your question and allowing your reader to provide a proper answer ) I will explain Spirit-guided love binding, this is a technique used to reframe the dynamic of the relationship and change the misuse of energies that are causing problems for you. I will explain your poi's perspective of things and help you with the correct declarations and actions to get what you want & need and provide what the other wants and needs from you. There are specific things we will discuss to use during this process and I provide the tools needed to get the result you want when the old ways are not working. The runner/chaser dynamic & the waiting game will end immediately.
You will learn the tools to get the interest, passion, loyalty, respect & priority you should have without alot of pain. We discuss how to end the cycle of going after the unavailable & on and off game players in love, and how and why you have been drawing this "type" of person. You will know how you have been sabotaging your relationship and how to correct this behavior. I look forward to guiding you on the path of real love with no judgement and with the deepest understanding. Please note, timing is fluid and Spirit does not operate on a clock or according to the Gregorian Calendar, therefore I will give you what I see to the best of my ability.
Please note: health, psychiatric or investment advice will not be provided.

All readings for entertainment purposes only.

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