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Joseph Watts
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I have guided many omnipresently into the spiritual realm of the unknown! Let's make the unknown, known... I have helped athletes, stars as well as everyday people connect with their loved ones!
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Caution: Please do not expect a full reading in five to ten minutes! It is not fair to conjure a spirit and then leave them with me after such a short period of time. Thank you!

Please Must Read!!!!: I started off as a very young child at 4, rehearsing what I thought were going to be television shows or TV bits. (As I would call them).Unbeknownst to me, these were the TV bits I was rehearsing in the other room and someone was stealing my ideas. I found these were spirits and they ran amok throughout my mind as a child causing havoc. Later in life, I learned to tame them by finding a relationship with Jesus Christ. I strongly believe in the Trinity and thus gave me a whole new outlook on life! I realized I was extremely clairvoyant and I started to use my gift to conjugate with the other side and also help others to connect better in real life situations! As I have slowly gained control of this gift, I am now able to voice what I see in my mind. I speak in third-person. (Thus, being the spirits' words) and first-person(my words.) So, saying this is how I communicate with my spirit guide and to spirits from the other spectrum. My five senses act as 1) a microphone and reciever: Mouth to talk and ears to hear. 2) Taste: (not so much used,) but usually if my senses need to taste something I can from spirits. 3) Sight: envisionment. 4) smell, to help totally embellish my conjugation with whomever I may conjure. Also, lastly but not the least! 5) Touch, I can sometimes feel a brisk touch, cold chills or the embracing feeling of a warm feeling in my chest, especially. Or through my total body. THIS IS THE SPIRITS LETTING THEMSELVES BE KNOWN. YOU WILL ALSO EXPERIENCE THIS WHEN WE CONNECT!
Approach to Topics
Please-- in a visit with me, my spirit guide and any loved one we may encounter, PLEASE be patient, respectful and know that it is not guaranteed that we will connect. Basically, what I am saying is that some spirits (Like many humans characteristically thereof...)DO NOT want to be contacted. They will make it extremely difficult, if not impossible to connect. If this is so I apologize for things I cannot control. If not, we will connect and there will be interaction. I say this because spirits are just like you and I. Some have various personal reasons, are in fire and brimstone, they may be feeling grief, etc. This being said, please prepare yourself because this is a REAL life situation I am called upon. I preferably would like to do this over the phone. Though, I also do messaging. So, if these steps can be followed, because I take this extremely serious, we will have a GREAT experience! Feedback is greatly appreciated!!! For those who work for Keen and want to see you have a low rating so they can take my traffic, please move along...

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